November 19, 2017

Positivity: Italian nun martyred in Somalia takes step toward beatification

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From Vatican City:

Nov 10, 2017 / 08:13 pm

An Italian nun killed in Somalia in 2006 has been officially recognized as a martyr, as Pope Francis moved her cause for beatification forward this week.

Sister Leonella Sgorbati and her Muslim bodyguard, Mohamed Osman Mahamud, were ambushed outside of a hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia. Sister Sgorbati was a Consolata Missionary and spent most of her time in Africa, where she taught nursing and aided the sick.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis declared Sister Sgorbati a martyr for the faith, and advanced the causes of several other men and women.

Born Rosa Maria Sgorbati in 1940, the Italian religious felt a strong call to enter the convent from her childhood, but waited until age 20 to enter, heeding her mother’s requests.

Before taking her final vows in 1973, Sister Sgorbati spent nearly a decade of preparation in religious and medical formation.

She later worked at both hospitals and schools in Kenya, and helped start the Hermann Gmeiner School of Registered Community Nursing in 2002. She worked rigorously to have the school internationally accredited, and, in 2006, the first class graduated, just a few months before her death.

On October 17, 2006, Sister Sgorbati was attacked by two assailants outside the hospital around noon shortly after teaching a class. The hospital was across the street from the SOS Village where the nuns lived.

After the first bullet had struck the nun’s leg, Mahamud tried to protect Sister Sgorbati with his body. He was then shot to death, and the nun was shot two more times, severing a major artery. She was then rushed to hospital but died on the operating table.

“Pardono, Pardono (I forgive, I forgive),” where the last words she whispered to Marzia Feurra, a sister in the same order. …

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