December 15, 2017

Barely News: Donut-Driven $1 Million Corruption Arrest of Democrat Legislator in Massachusetts

Former Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce was arrested a week ago and charged with accepting over $1 million in bribes. The story is getting very little coverage outside of New England, even though Joyce was quite creative in the forms of bribery he accepted, and even though Joyce’s arrest continues long trend of corruption among Bay State Democratic Party legislative leaders and politicians.


Ex-FBI Asst. Director on Strzok: He ‘Belongs in Leavenworth’

As of Wednesday evening, as Nicholas Fondacaro at NewsBusters observed, the Big Three broadcasting networks were not reporting the content of the most damning text messages exchanged between now-former Robert Mueller investigative team members Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page. Meanwhile, coverage seen Wednesday evening at the Associated Press predictably treated the matter as a Republicans-attack dispute. Almost no one seems to be interested in hearing from what other veteran or former FBI officials think about the Mueller team’s and Bureau leadership’s conduct. One exception is Elizabeth MacDonald at the Fox Business network, who interviewed former FBI Assistant Director Jim Kallstrom on Thursday’s Risk and Reward show.


November 2017 Industrial Production: +0.2 Percent; October Revised Up From +0.9 Percent to 1.2 Percent; 12-Month Increase Greater Than Previous Four Years

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I haven’t paid as much attention to this report as I should have this year, which is too bad, because the news in 2017 has been pretty good, especially compared to the previous four years.

Here’s today’s news (bolds are mine):

Industrial production moved up 0.2 percent in November after posting an upwardly revised increase of 1.2 percent in October. Manufacturing production also rose 0.2 percent in November, its third consecutive monthly gain. The output of utilities dropped 1.9 percent. The index for mining increased 2.0 percent, as oil and gas extraction returned to normal levels after being held down in October by Hurricane Nate.

Excluding the post-hurricane rebound in oil and gas extraction, total industrial production would have been unchanged in November. Total industrial production was 106.4 percent of its 2012 average in November and was 3.4 percent above its year-earlier level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector was 77.1 percent in November, a rate that is 2.8 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2016) average.

That October revision to 1.2 percent was up from the previous estimate of 0.9 percent. Pre-October month revisions netted out to -0.1 points.

The second bolded sentence above is especially revealing. What it tells us is that there was more of an increase in industrial production during the past 12 months (3.4 percent) than there was during the final four years of the Obama administration (3.0 percent increase from the 2012 average through November 2016, i.e., 6.4 percent minus 3.4 percent).

The three index components are all up in the past 12 months: Manufacturing by 2.4 percent, Mining by 9.4 percent, and Utilities by 2.3 percent.

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (121517)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Couple — Our Child Wouldn’t Be Here Today if a Pro-Life Person Wasn’t Outside the Abortion Clinic

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From Tennessee, via Life News:

DEC 14, 2017, 7:48PM

Kirk Barker and his wife, Chass, know that their son would not be alive today if a pro-life advocate had not been outside their local abortion facility 15 years ago.

Abortion activists try to dismiss pro-life sidewalk counselors with claims that they are ineffective, at best, and hateful, at worst. But the Tennessee father – and many others like his family – credit pro-life volunteers for providing them with the encouragement they needed to choose life for their babies.

“It was your prayers that helped save our son,” Barker said. “Words can never express our gratitude for what you have done. Let the words of this message be a constant reminder of the great work that you do, to be a reminder that you made a difference.”

The Christian Institute reports Chass Barker’s doctor urged her to abort her unborn son after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

“We trusted him. We took the doctor for his word,” Kirk Barker said. “We made an (abortion) appointment that day.”

Here’s more from the report:

However, on the day the abortion was due to take place, they encountered a pro-life supporter outside the clinic who prayed for them and asked them to reconsider.

Barker’s wife subsequently decided she could not go through with the abortion and they walked out of the clinic.

She went on to give birth to their son, who is now 15 years old.

“Right before we signed what we call ‘the death certificate to our son,’ God intervened,” Barker said, previously in an interview with Pregnancy Help News. “My wife looked at me, and said, ‘I don’t care if I die, I’m not going to kill our son,’” Kirk said. “We got up and walked out. I was very happy to leave that place and not go through with the procedure.”

Cameron turned 15 in September. …

Go here for the rest of the story.