January 27, 2018

Major Media Are AWOL in Reporting on Hillary’s ‘Activist B*tches’ Statement (Updated Jan. 29)

An establishment media firestorm instantly erupted over what President Trump allegedly said in a closed-door meeting earlier this month. Friday evening, Hillary Clinton was first seen ending a bizarre video stating that her message was “directed to the activist b*tches supporting b*tches.” 20 hours in at the time of this post, it’s crickets at the Associated Press, the New York Times, and CNN.com, despite Mrs. Clinton’s utterance being quite painfully visible.

Per Amber Athey at the Daily Caller, Mrs. Clinton was “was posted to Twitter by Bros4America founder Alex Mohajer.”

The tweet from Alex Mohajer, a HuffPost columnist who brags about naming Donald Trump 200 times without calling him “President,” is still up, and went live at 9:32 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday:


Here is the video:


HILLARY CLINTON: Hi everyone. I just wanted to say “Thanks.” Thanks for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope is you keep up the really important good work.

(A voice in the background prompts Mrs. Clinton to say “Activist b*tches supporting b*tches.”)

CLINTON: And let me just say, this is directed to the activist b*tches supporting b*tches. So let’s go.

According to Breitbart’s Katherine Rodriguez (link is in original):

Where or when this video was captured is unclear. Mohajer posted the video on social media shortly after a New York Times report revealed that Clinton refused to fire a senior adviser on her 2008 presidential campaign after a female campaign staffer accused him of sexual harassment.

Mohajer told Mashable’s Kerry Flynn the following about the video’s origin. It appears to hove occurred during the presidential campaign, when his group “Bros 4 Hillary” was promoting her candidacy:

One of our members was at a lunch with Hillary in New York and asked her to shout out her group of feminist activists literally called “Activist Bitches Supporting Bitches,” several of whom are also Bros 4 America, so was shared with us.

As of 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time Monday morning, the Associated Press (site 1, site 2), New York Times, and CNN.com had no relevant story on Mrs. Clinton’s message, the timing of which, as Breitbart and others have noted, is quite odd.

If any of the three major outlets are aware of this video, they may believe that it’s no big deal, because that’s the language they routinely use themselves.

The lack of coverage by these three major outlets virtually guarantees that Mrs. Clinton’s video won’t be mentioned on any of the Big Three’s evening news shows.

Mashable’s Flynn reports that HuffPost’s Mohajer is claiming to be stunned by all the attention:

Our member shared it with us. I thought it was funny and charming and boosted my spirits a bit. That it’s even a media story just seems a bit strange.

That the media would even catch wind of this video wasn’t even on my radar.

Dude, if anyone ever tells you that you’ve great instincts for what is and isn’t genuine news … they’re lying.


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