January 30, 2018

Press Fave Jay Inslee Wants Higher Taxes, Kills Huge Oil Terminal Project

That Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s is positioning for a possible 2020 presidential run has become obvious. Inslee is following the party’s base’s fever-swamp agenda, while the establishment press tones down his far-left moves for general consumption.

Inslee brought a new term into the lexicon of taxation earlier this month: “ever-increasing tax.” It perfectly describes the carbon tax he wants to impose on a state whose voters decisively rejected the idea in 2016:

… Inslee proposes ever-increasing tax on fossil fuel to discourage carbon emissions

… Inslee proposed a $20-per-ton tax on greenhouse gases emitted by energy generators and transportation fuel suppliers. The tax would increase, indefinitely, by 3.5 percent plus inflation each year.

Last week, instead of teleconferencing, Inslee jetted off to Davos, Switzerland. The press is uninterested in tallying that junket’s carbon footprint.

Watch Inslee mimic Barack Obama’s 2009 his failed stimulus language in describing what his carbon tax would do:


WASHINGTON GOVERNOR JAY INSLEE: (It) would create about a $3 billion investment fund in my state over a biennium, so that we can help consumers get access to electric cars, so that we can help businesses get access to new efficiencies to reduce CO2 emissions, so that we can help people in insulating their homes, so we don’t waste energy, so we can make additional investments in our tremendous research institutes, so we can train people to in the new businesses and clean energy. So we’re excited about that.

The 2009 stimulus poured money into electric-car technology companies which failed, mismanagement and fraud-riddled home weatherization efforts, and retraining which didn’t result in employment. It’s deja vu in Washington State.

The Associated Press has carried Inslee’s water, describing his ever-increasing tax vaguely — it “would increase over time” — and incompletely reported the carbon tax’s planned uses:

Money raised (would) pay for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage stormwater and reduce wildfire risks. Some money would offset taxes to energy-intensive businesses and help low-income families.

That doesn’t square with Inslee’s Davos list.

The AP didn’t report that the money’s first use would be “(for) pay raises for public school employees.”

In a Thursday Davos interview with CNBC, Inslee laughably claimed that Obama fixed Washington’s budget problems:


INSLEE: At some point, America will have to do what it has done on many occasions after Republican presidents have come in. We will have to restore the balance of our fiscal condition.

It happened when (George W.) Bush blew up the deficit, and we’re gonna have to do it again with another Democratic administration to fix this …

Sorry, Jay. The housing and mortgage-lending implosions caused by the corrupt, Democrat crony-run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “blew up the deficit.” Obama’s $9.3 trillion debt buildup seriously damaged “(fiscal) balance.”

On Monday, Inslee toed the environmentalist line and rejected a plan “to build the nation’s largest crude-by-rail terminal at the Port of Vancouver.” Public radio station KUOW highlighted how “a couple dozen people” celebrated the governor’s decision. What a groundswell.


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