January 31, 2018

Positivity: ‘We Were Crying’: One Woman Shares Why She Left Planned Parenthood

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January 18, 2018

For Myra Neyer, a mom and former Planned Parenthood employee, there was one defining moment that influenced her to leave the abortion giant.

“There was this one girl, young girl—maybe 19, maybe 20, young—she came in, [and] her boyfriend didn’t want any children,” Neyer, who used to work at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Baltimore, told The Daily Signal in an interview Thursday. “He was an older man.”

“She came in and we signed her in, did the ultrasound and found out, well, she found out that instead of one [baby], there was four. And it wasn’t just four, they were all identical,” she recounted.

Neyer, a mom of five children, said this particular girl did not want to have an abortion, but her older boyfriend was forcing her to have the procedure.

“Her boyfriend was flipping out, and we just decided … I didn’t sign off on it,” Neyer said. “So she left, and what he ended up doing was taking her to what I call a butcher clinic, somewhere else, and they gave her the misoprostol and then the next day … she came in … in a lot of pain and bleeding.”

The Planned Parenthood clinic Neyer worked for ended up finishing the abortion procedure, and she said she will never forget it:

She had to have been at least like 15, almost 16 weeks [along in her pregnancy], the babies were big … these two babies were holding each other … they were all boys, and they were just holding each other, and the last one was the one that we have to make sure we had all the pieces [of his body]. It was just horrible.

And then the look on her face when this was all over, she just looked lost … I just remember looking at her, putting her in … her friend’s truck, and just her face was like this blank stare.

This experience was a turning point for Neyer.

“That did it for me, I have never seen anything like that,” she said. “I hit the wall with my co-worker and we were crying. We stayed in there and cried over these kids … I remember saying, ‘That’s a baby, that’s a baby, that looks exactly like a baby’ … we just stood in that room [storing the discarded baby parts] and cried,” Neyer said.

It was the witness of a participant in 40 Days for Life, a campaign of fasting, prayer, and outreach to bring an end to abortion, that was instrumental in Neyer’s pro-life conversion.

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