February 5, 2018

Sports Press Whitewashes Eagles’ De Facto Endorsement of Violent Rapper

The Philadelphia Eagles took the field before Sunday’s Super Bowl kickoff to the “tune” of “Dreams and Nightmares” by rapper Meek Mill. The cowardly sports press has avoided criticizing the team and its players for their horrible de facto endorsement of Mill and their objections to his alleged persecution.


Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (020518)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.


9:00 a.m.: Quote of the Day, from Michael Goodwin at the New York Post, on the Deep State and the press abandoning whatever principles they once had in the name of electing Hillary Clinton and discrediting Donald Trump —

… Thanks to the battle over the memo, we also know with 100 percent certainty that the mainstream media is part of the swamp.

… Hysterical Trump haters greeted the (Nunes) memo’s release by declaring that we face a constitutional crisis. They are right — and they are creating it.

Positivity: Graduate reunites with the EMT who saved his life as a baby

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Jan 29, 2018, 4:20 PM ET

An EMS graduate had more than his family cheering him recently as he joined the ranks of the FDNY.

Joseph Bitetto, who graduated from the New York City Fire Department’s EMS academy Thursday, was reunited with the emergency medical technician who’d saved his life 22 years ago after he was born early in his family’s Brooklyn home.

In 1996, Nick and Josephine Bitetto, Joseph Bitetto’s parents, had to call 911 when she went into premature labor in the bathroom. Joseph Bitetto was born at just 28 weeks old. Both mother and newborn’s lives were in danger.

“Thanks to the heroic actions that day of the EMS personnel who responded that day,” said FDNY department chief James Leonard at Thursday’s graduation, “the lives were saved of both mother and son.”

Joseph Bitetto was in an incubator for more than a month, Nick Bitetto said. He said he had the opportunity to thank the doctors at the hospital during that time and had also gone to the 69th Precinct to express his gratitude toward the police officers who’d answered that 911 call.

“But, I never had a chance to thank the EMTs,” Nick Bitetto said.

So, on Thursday, after Joseph Bitetto became one of the FDNY’s newest EMTs, he and his family were surprised with the news that one of the EMTs who’d saved his life was in attendance.

“We found the EMT that treated and saved your life,” Leonard said Thursday.

Howard Blanck, now a detective with the New York Police Department, got to meet the family and personally welcome Joseph Bitetto to the city’s emergency services team. …

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