February 12, 2018

Fox Sports …

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… hasn’t covered NCAA women’s basketball since last year’s tournament.

At all. In any way, shape, or form.

Not one in-house story in 10 months.

A review of the archives indicates that the decision to abandon video until tournament time was made in December 2016, as there is no story present between then and last year’s tournament. (I believe that Fox went to all-video across the board with no stories except Associated Press game recaps at about that time.)

Fox deciding not to devote video effort to the sport until tourney time is one thing, and perhaps can be defended. But that’s not an excuse for having no results, conference standings, or polls.

Even to get to the home page for the sport, you have to figure out that it’s buried in the NCAA Men’s basketball section (!) under “More” — which almost no one will do. That’s not just ridiculous. It’s insulting.

I don’t expect Fox Sports to give the women anywhere near equal time with the men, because there isn’t equal interest, or even to do anything more than post results, standings, and polls, which would take minimal time and effort (if any, given that such things are fed in from elsewhere).

Fox apparently believes that absolutely no one cares even a little about NCAA women’s basketball until tournament time.

That’s obviously false, and I cry foul.

And this assumes that Fox will even recognize the existence of the women’s tournament this year. Given the 10-month blackout, that may be a brave assumption.


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