February 14, 2018

Positivity: For Moms Who Don’t Want an Abortion, This New Push Is Transforming Pro-Life Health Care

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From Fairfax, Virginia, via the Christian Post (HT Life News):

Jan 26, 2018 6:55 AM

When some consider the pro-life movement they think about political efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade. But a consortium of women’s health care providers is reframing the picture, placing high standards of medical care front and center.

Several health care professionals who are presently operating pro-life medical offices from several states gathered before approximately 100 people at Busboys and Poets coffee shop in Brookland near The Catholic University of America last week just prior to the March for Life to launch the Pro Women’s Healthcare Centers.

“PWHC is transforming the cultural landscape for women’s health care in an era where women are looking for more choices,” said Chaney Mullins, operations manager for PWHC, in an interview with The Christian Post.

The mission of PWHC is to partner with women in providing high-quality medical services and access to social services that empower them to care for their health, a panel of five pro-life medical caregivers from Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, and Virginia, explained. Crisis pregnancy centers around country can become certified members of this consortium once they expand to meet PWHC medical service requirements and implement the high standards for life-affirming care outlined in the official guidelines.

The gathering, which was sponsored by the Fairfax, Virginia-based Divine Mercy Care, took place to unify medical workers and supporters of the pro-life movement around the shared goals on the clinical side of saving unborn children. Attendees were given a four-page booklet outlining precisely what is required and what is encouraged in order to qualify to receive PWHC certification. PHWC certified affiliates must provide medical services that are comprehensive, convenient, compassionate, and high-quality. The over-arching goal is to provide women who do not want an abortion with excellent health care beyond prayers, sonograms, and material assitance.

Dr. John T. Bruchalski, who founded Divine Mercy Care and runs the Tepeyac OBGYN in Fairfax, Virginia, stressed in a panel discussion that it is about time that Christians and like-minded pro-lifers started doing health care in a new way, and frame the conversation about medical services in a more holistic manner, particularly since the health care system in the United States is in dire need of solutions.

“Abortion is considered good medicine today. The health care system has adopted abortion as a good item,” Bruchalski told CP in an interview.

And while there are patients and medical providers that absolutely disagree with that, “the missing piece has been doctors standing up and saying ‘We want to help women with real comprehensive and building of health care.” …

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