February 22, 2018

CNN, Co-opted by Russian Stealth, Publicly Shames a Woman Who Also Was

On Monday, Rich Noyes at NewsBusters noted that “both CNN and MSNBC gave enthusiastic coverage to the Russian-organized anti-Trump rally” on November 12, 2016 identified in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians. CNN’s response to this humiliation caused by its failure to investigate the people and forces behind this rally was to go out and humiliate everyday people involved with another Russian-stealth effort.

The network could have gone out and asked leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, who attended that November 12 rally, how he feels about having been co-opted by Russians, and why he failed to investigate who was really behind that rally. Now, because of his notoriety and how he injected himself into the event, he will be forever associated with it.

CNN instead dedicated three reporters to exposing everyday citizens who were “Trump supporters used by Russia.”

As seen at the linked story and in the video found there (which also appeared on Anderson Cooper’s evening show), CNN found a Florida woman involved with a pro-Trump Facebook page and “publicly shamed her for “unwittingly” promoting a “Russian-coordinated event.”

As a result, as seen in a series of tweets posted by Resurgent.com author Jerry Dunleavy IV:

(CNN) thought it best to publicly shame this old lady. Now ppl are viciously harassing her online.

CNN published her name — it’s so unique it’s the only one that pops up on FB. … If Russia wanted division, they got it.

Check out the stream of vile … memes of her!  … here’s The Resistance harassing an old woman.

@CNN. Give yourselves a hand. … Look at what a news report doxxing an old lady’s Facebook page results in. Vicious. Vile. Senseless. Uncharitable.

seriously @CNN — did you consider the possibility that in exposing an old lady supposedly being tricked by Russian trolls on Facebook dot com that you would be sending waves of ***American*** trolls to call her a traitor, attack her appearance, & threaten her with violence?

It is reasonable to believe that CNN sees the harassment the woman has subsequently endured as a feature, not a bug. Also, make no mistake: Another element of the agenda is to make others holding center-right views think twice about becoming politically active.

Tracking down and “doxxing” or threatening to doxx people the network doesn’t like has become a nasty habit at CNN.

In July, “After tracking down a Reddit user who posted a GIF it found offensive, CNN threatened to reveal his identity if he decides to post anything similar in the future.”

CNN could easily have done what it did to the Florida woman to U.S. citizens who organized Russian stealth-inspired anti-Trump rallies before and after the presidential election. But that wouldn’t fit their agenda, which is pretending that Mueller’s indictments somehow prove that Russia helped elect Trump.

That’s wrong. As Michael Goodwin demonstrated in a Friday New York Post column, “(The) Russian indictments prove Trump won fair and square.”


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