April 4, 2018

March 2018 Vehicle Sales: A Strong Year-Over-Year Increase of 6.3 Percent; Truck Sales Up 16.3 Percent; Trucks are Two-Thirds of All Vehicle Sales

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March was pretty good overall for automakers, but the variance between makers was significant:

  • GM was up 15.7 percent from March of last year (down 11 percent in cars, up 26 percent in trucks).
  • Ford was up only 3.5 percent (down 8 percent in cars, up 7 percent in trucks).
  • Toyota was also up only 3.5 percent (down 7 percent in cars, up 12 percent in trucks).
  • Chrysler was up 13.5 percent (down 2 percent in cars, up 16 percent in trucks).
  • Honda was up 3.8 percent (flat in cars, up 7 percent in trucks).
  • Nissan was down 3.7 percent (down 8 percent in cars, flat in trucks).
A few smaller makers did quite well (VW up 18 percent, Mazda up 36 percent), while Hyundai was down 11 percent.
The big takeaway from the first quarter is that Light Trucks were almost two-thirds (66.56 percent) of all sales. Enviros’ efforts to chase people into tiny cars haven’t worked out.

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