April 23, 2018

Dem Congressman Gallego on CNN: Pompeo Will Be ‘Weak’ Because He Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

Mike Pompeo’s nomination to the be the nation’s next Secretary of State got through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today on a party-line 10-9 vote. With his confirmation now seemingly assured, Arizona Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego went on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to contend that Pompeo will be a “weaker” Secretary of State because of his “anti-Muslim rhetoric and being homophobic.”

The left automatically considers anyone who opposes same-sex marriage bigoted and “homophobic,” meaning that Gallego should therefore believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who did not declare support for it until March 2013, was “weak” during her entire term (January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013) in that position.

Blitzer himself might as well have been wearing a Democratic Party cheerleader’s outfit, claiming that despite Pompeo’s imminent confirmation, the party is still “sending a strong message” because most of its senators will oppose him in the final vote. Blitzer thus believes that a close confirmation vote somehow impedes a confirmed cabinet secretary’s effectiveness. His basis for that belief is a mystery.

In a Monday evening dispatch, a clearly hopeful Lisa Mascaro at the Associated Press interpreted the committee vote as “as a warning shot to the White House as nominees to lead the CIA and Veterans Affairs are hitting stiff resistance.” Of Pompeo, Mascaro wrote that “Opponents are focusing on his hawkish foreign policy views and negative comments about gay marriage and Muslims.”

The “negative comments” are what Gallego referred to in his run-on remarks seen in the following video, where readers will see that even the far-left Arizona congressman doesn’t subscribe to Blitzer’s belief about the significance of a close confirmation vote:


WOLF BLITZER: First on the President’s choice for Secretary of State, the Democrats are sending a strong message with this unfavorable vote for Mike Pompeo, though at least three Democrats say they will support him. It looks pretty good for him on the Senate floor.

Do you worry that that — that might damage his ability to serve as a effective Secretary of State once he’s confirmed if the vote is very, very close?

RUBEN GALLEGO: No, what’s going to stop him from being an effective Secretary of State is that he is known for believing in saying anti-Muslim rhetoric, for being homophobic, and traveling the world when it comes to going to very liberal countries such as Western Europe, where we have to meet some openly gay heads of state or going to the Middle East and other Muslim parts of the world where he is known for again being anti-Muslim. That’s what is going to impact him and make him a weaker secretary of state.

As seen (at the 9:55 mark) in a longer excerpt from Monday’s program, Blitzer, as is his style with liberal guests, simply moved on to his next topic without challenging Gallego’s contentions.

In addition to being blind to the obvious disconnect concerning Mrs. Clinton mentioned earlier, Blitzer missed at least these two logical lines of questioning:

  • Mr. Gallego, does your statement that the government under Barack Obama, who didn’t declare his support for same-sex marriage until May 2012, was weak and ineffective for over three years?
  • But Mr. Gallego, could Pompeo’s position on same-sex marriage possibly work to his advantage with leaders in the majority of the rest of the world where it is not legally sanctioned?

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