April 23, 2018

Mitt Romney’s Humiliating Utah GOP Convention

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Thanks to a reporter in Utah, I have obtained the results of all rounds of balloting for national office at that state’s Republican convention on Saturday.

From what I can tell, the detail I’m presenting here about the U.S. Senate contest has not made it into any local, regional, or national news story.

Perhaps that’s because the results demonstrate how weak Mitt Romney’s performance was with rank-and-file GOP delegates on Saturday, and because the alternative to Romney is a genuine conservative who now may have the upper hand:


101 delegates who cast ballots in Round 1 did not cast ballots in Round 2. It seems safe to say that almost all of them would have been supporters of the ten candidates who were eliminated.

Mitt Romney only needed to garner 75 additional votes to achieve a majority of those who stayed for the second ballot (1,539 + 75 is 1,614, which is just over half of 3,227).

He couldn’t do it.

Instead, Mike Kennedy got 86 percent of the additional votes cast in Round 2, and roared from behind to score a convention victory over Romney.

This is what a repudiation by the rank-and-file looks like.

You would think, given the delegates’ clear anti-establishment mood, that Mike Kennedy is in a position to win the June 26 primary if he campaigns hard and smart — and if the Utah GOP doesn’t put its thumb on the scales like the Ohio GOP did in 2010 when it defended establishment GOP candidates by falsely claiming they had “Tea Party Values” and sent out state GOP officials and apparatchiks to hand out “official” slate cards at the polls.



  1. Those of us here in Utah just figured that Mitt would be shoved down our throats. I think this gives hope to many and Mitt is finished. A lot more of us voted for Trump than Mcmuffin and we are really sick of the never Trumpers.

    Comment by ck — April 24, 2018 @ 4:06 pm

  2. [...] this is only half the story. According to a reporter in Utah – …the results demonstrate how weak Mitt Romney’s performance was with rank-and-file GOP [...]

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