April 24, 2018

‘Proud Coastal Elite’ TV Critic Slams ‘Roseanne’ and Her Viewers’ Ignorance

Tim Goodman, chief TV critic at the Hollywood Reporter, intensely despises President Donald Trump, the TV industry’s alleged failure to go after Trump(!), and especially the Roseanne reboot.

In September, he claimed that television programming hadn’t “caught up” with anti-Trump outrage — which even then was out of sync with the experiences of regular TV watchers. Monday, while slamming Roseanne and its viewers, he despaired that such programming will ever appear — and then decided it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Demonstrating his lack of prescience, Goodman’s September 26 column slammed NBC’s The Brave and CBS’s SEAL Team as “essentially interchangeable pieces of American military porn”:

Both are already wildly out of step with what seems to be haunting the national psyche … whether the unstable, possibly certifiable heads of the United States and North Korea will accidentally start a nuclear war by measuring the size of their dicks.

Though it’s obviously too early to celebrate, North Korea, as reported in a Thursday UPI dispatch, “is on the same page on ‘full denuclearization’ and isn’t making unreasonable demands.”

Goodman didn’t mention this dramatic improvement in his Monday column. That’s no surprise, because he’s determined to remain in his own bubble, proudly sealed off from anyone and anything associated with Trump voters — and especially Roseanne (some paragraph breaks added):

… no matter how many shows send him up or winningly pull off that you-gotta-laugh-to-keep-from-crying trick … there’s nothing that can give me the energy to come back from the soul-sucking drain of his presidency. Television is not going to make that go away. Only Trump literally going away can fix that.

And a show about Trump would ultimately be pointless to the people its message would be aimed at anyway.

… I’m not watching Roseanne for a number of reasons, so let me enumerate them in order of weighted reasoning:

1. I didn’t like the original.

2. I don’t like Roseanne, the person.

3. I don’t care to understand my divided country from that perspective — I know that perspective because I’m living in it, reading about it and watching its supporters behave badly while also in it. I’m not just happy to be in a bubble from people like the fictional Roseanne (or the real one) — I delight in the distance. I’m a proud coastal elite. I don’t want any part of those Roseanne-esque people and their ignorance or viewpoints. That’s not soap-boxing — that’s fact. Live your tragically insular, religiously hypocritical white lives somewhere I’m not. I’m fine with the divide — you do you. Let’s never meet and I’ll ignore you and suffer your breathing if we do.

Paul Bois at the Daily Wire succinctly explained how clueless Goodman’s claimed lack of anti-Republican, anti-conservative, and at least implicitly but occasionally explicitly anti-Trump TV programming outside of the “comedy” shows is:


NewsBusters contributors have chronicled far more examples of small and large TV slights aimed at anyone who won’t drink the far-left’s koolaid than can possibly be listed here.

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