April 29, 2018

CNN’s Stelter Whines That Trump Should Have Gone to WH Correspondents Dinner (‘Part of the Job’)

In an online Saturday afternoon CNN column, Brian Stelter criticized President Donald Trump for not attending that evening’s upcoming White House Correspondents Dinner. Darn it, Stelter claimed, doing so is “part of the (President’s) job in the modern media age.”

Trump’s decision not to attend was thoroughly vindicated when alleged comedienne Michelle Wolf delivered a disgusting monologue which included tasteless personal insults directed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, and of course the President himself. If Trump has any regrets connected with the dinner, they likely have to with his not strongly suggesting that these two women and others in his administration avoid the event.

In a column dripping with self-importance and arrogance, Stelter didn’t see it that way:

Why Trump’s snubbing of White House correspondents’ dinner matters

For a second straight year, President Trump is using the White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner to wage his war on the reporters who cover him.

… Now before you stop reading this — I get it, you might be thinking this doesn’t feel like “news” anymore because it’s a well-worn part of Trump’s playbook — consider how remarkable his behavior really is.

The last president to miss the correspondents’ dinner was Ronald Reagan in 1981 — because he was recovering from an assassination attempt. Reagan still called in by telephone.

Presidents don’t always want to show up and tell jokes and socialize with the press corps, but until now it’s been a part of the job in the modern media age.

Well Brian:

  • Two years ago, the media threw away its integrity and when it threw itself into electing Hillary Clinton, even from its planning stages.
  • Trump became the Republican nominee, an outcome the Hillary campaign wanted and which the press arguably assisted, they went after him on her behalf with a fury never before seen in a presidential campaign, including the coordinated Access Hollywood tape attack.
  • Since the election, the press has served as a willing conduit for an unprecedented volume of illegal leaks designed to create and perpetuate a narrative about Trump-Russia collusion which a 240-page House Intelligence Permanent Select Committee memo has concluded does not exist.

With all of this background, why should anyone expect the President to be able to yuk it up at an event dominated by sworn enemies?

Stelter also made may turn out to be the understatement of the year:

… Amid all the champagne and selfies, there’s usually some roasting by a comedian

What Michelle Wolf delivered (Warning: Not safe for work, or for readers’ sensibilities) was far worse than “some roasting.” It was, as Patricia McCarthy observed at American Thinker, a diatribe dressed up as comedy which was “vicious, malicious and filled with hatred for all things not radically leftist.”

Wolf’s routine was so offensive that it should automatically reflect badly on anyone in the audience who won’t publicly denounce it.

An AP reporter who recognized the implications of this problem tweeted the following Saturday evening (h/t Twitchy):



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