May 7, 2018

NY Times Loved Schneiderman, Appears Disappointed As He Resigns

Monday evening, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a purported “champion of women” and an “outspoken figure in the #MeToo movement,” became a pariah in barely three breathtaking hours. At 6:47 p.m., the New Yorker published “Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse.” Just after 10 p.m., Schneiderman, the nationwide point man for state-level anti-Trump “resistance,” resigned. The New York Times’s handling of the episode appeared to betray deep disappointment.


National Media Mostly Mum As Andrew Cuomo Threatens to ‘Interfere’ With Offshore Drilling

Ever since actress Cynthia Nixon entered the New York governor’s race, current Empire State Governor Andrew Cuomo has quickly moved leftward to head off what he clearly sees as a credible Democratic primary challenge. Even though Cuomo and many in the media see him as a strong potential presidential candidate, national coverage of his moves, and especially of his unhinged rhetoric on Friday, has been light.


Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (050718)

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Positivity: Grandpa’s some fancy footwork stops fleeing suspect

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Sweet (HT Twitchy):

Columbus, Ohio Police announcement: