May 9, 2018

Unhinged Colbert: Iran Deal Was ‘An American Promise’ and a ‘Treaty’

Since Donald Trump’s election, America’s late-night show hosts have abandoned genuine comedy in favor of rabid, anti-Trump resistance. That’s certainly their perogative. But if that’s how they want it, they should be called out when they attempt to rewrite history as Stephen Colbert did Tuesday night. The Late Show host claimed that the now-nixed Iran deal was an “American promise,” and a “treaty.” It was obviously neither.


AP Avoids Tagging Schneiderman As a Dem; LA Times Kept Story Out of Tuesday’s Print Edition

The establishment press appears determined to downplay the visibility of the bombshell news of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s resignation, and to avoid referring to him as a Democrat. The Associated Press avoided tagging him as a Dem in one story, and saved the tag for a very late paragraph in another. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times found a unique solution to the problem in its Tuesday print edition: Despite being on the West Coast, it didn’t cover the Schneiderman story at all.


Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (050918)

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Positivity: Ronan Farrow’s Commencement Address

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Ronan Farrow’s outlook is firmly on the left, but the reporter who broke the Harvey Weinstein and Eric Schneiderman harassment and assault stories — because, especially in the first instance, nobody else would — delivered a compelling commencement speech at Loyola Marymount University:

Ronan Farrow to Loyola Marymount’s Class of 2018: ‘Trust that inner voice’

… It was an honor, this grueling past year, to crack into a series of stories that—thanks to the brave sources who risked so much to talk to me, and thanks to the brave activists who continue to turn those stories into social change—seem to be having an impact. Due not just to me but to a whole group of reporters banging their heads against the wall, cracking the tough stories… we are hearing the voices of sexual assault and harassment survivors who were for so long silent. We are grappling, as a culture, with our collective failure to create spaces that treat men and women equally and that treat everyone with respect and dignity. And we are learning a lot about how powerful men, who did despicable things, were protected for so long.

I know that hearing a generous introduction like the one I just got…Hearing about people the way they’re introduced as commencement speakers…The way the media talks about them, after the work is done… it’s easy for it to all seem kind of fancy. Like it was always so neat and packaged, tied up with a ribbon.

I’m still tackling tough stories, involving unsavory characters, and fielding a fair amount of threats and incoming fire in the process—so I’m grateful for any kind introduction, any award, any shred of support.

But I wanted to take a moment to talk about what it’s like trying to do work you believe in *before* the moment of impact.