May 24, 2018

Very Few Old Media Outlets Note Reuters’ Generic Election Poll Favoring GOP

Earlier this week, Reuters/Ipsos reported that its generic “How Will You Vote?” poll ahead of November’s mid-term elections had swung into Republicans’ favor for the first time this year, erasing a double-digit lead Democrats had just four weeks ago. This kind of movement would certainly be news at the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Big Three networks, and other so-called mainstream media outlets if a strong GOP lead were to disappear so quickly. But as of Thursday afternoon, while scores of center-right blogs and news outlets noticed this seismic change, only a precious few less-than-major establishment press outlets had.


WashPost’s Philip Bump Won’t Let Go of ‘Trump Smears Immigrants’ Lie

Many in the press and on the left won’t let go of their disgraceful smear of President Donald Trump after he called MS-13 gang members “animals” last week. They continue to falsely claim that he was referring to all immigrants, or to all illegal immigrants. He wasn’t. But to columnists like the Washington Post’s Philip Bump, the truth obviously doesn’t matter.


Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (052418)

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Positivity: Family Of Adopted Daughter Reveals What Trump Privately Told Them Onstage While Honoring Their Story

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From Washington, via the Daily Caller (HT Weasel Zippers):

1:35 PM 05/23/2018

Tuesday night, four-year-old Katharine Alexander was kissed onstage by the President of the United Staes in front of millions watching online and on television.

She was wearing a glittery pink dress.

How did this little adopted girl of a interracial couple end up in the arms of the president in front of a national television audience? The story is a beautiful one.

Lisa and Bruce Alexander already have three of their own children. However, they felt “compelled by the Holy Spirit” to adopt late into their parenting years. After what the couple refers to as a “miracle” happened, they were able to adopt Katharine Alexander, days after her birth.

“We had wanted to adopt, but we were both nearing our 50s,” the couple told The Daily Caller.

The couple described how they watched younger couples get calls for adoption and had essentially given up hope. Then, out off the blue, they received a call from their adoption agency.

“We were speechless,” Mr. Alexander said, “A lot of things lined up that were not coincidence. It was meant to be.”

Katharine’s birth mother was addicted to opioids and requested the adoption agency to find her a home. They called the Alexanders, and the couple was at the hospital within hours. The paperwork for Katharine’s adoption flew through the judicial system in a matter of days, a very uncommon thing. Days later, Katharine Alexander was home, in the loving arms of Bruce and Lisa.

The Alexanders have always been pro-life.

They planned on attending the Susan B. Anthony List gala in DC Tuesday night. The group had announced earlier in the month that President Trump would be speaking. The Alexanders sat in the front row. “We were told a couple days ago that Trump was interested in our adoption story, but we had no idea he would invite us onstage,” the couple said.

Trump introduced them and their story, and in typical fashion, asked the family to come onstage. The president said:

“Katherine is four years old, and she is full of incredible energy, spirit and talent. At the age of two — come on up, Katherine. She memorized ‘America the Beautiful.’ She recites poetry, and recently she announced to her dad that when she grows up, she wants to be a famous police officer and then when she gets tired of that, she wants to become president. That’s OK with me.”

Go here for the rest of the story.