May 31, 2018

Carlson Exposes Mid-2000s Joy Reid As Ardent Dobbs Fan Critical of Illegal-Immigrant Amnesty

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Thursday evening, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson broke news of additional problematic blog posts from Joy Reid, the MSNBC host still seen as a “Hero of the Resistance.” One of her current positions is that opposition to illegal immigration is, in a criticism she directed at Carlson himself in January, steeped in “blatantly white nationalist” rhetoric. But in the mid-2000s, she was, among other things, an ardent Lou Dobbs fan who objected to Democrat Howard Dean’s tagging of Republicans as “the party of Whitey.” Really.

Here’s the monologue containing Carlson’s revelations:

Transcript (links added by me):

TUCKER CARLSON: We just found an amazing series of old blog posts that is far as we can tell have received no media attention.

The person who wrote them looks in retrospect like a prophet, calling for America-first policies at least a decade before Donald Trump in her politics.

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, for example, the blogger in question suggested that native-born Americans, not, quote, “low-paid Mexican workers,” ought to rebuild the city of New Orleans. [1]

In 2006, the blogger said this about her television viewing habits: “I love Lou Dobbs … His show is become required viewing around my house.” [2] The blogger largely agreed with Lou Dobbs on immigration, quote (while citing “the great Lou Dobbs”), “flying the Mexican flag on U.S. soil strikes me as incredibly presumptuous and insulting to the U.S.” [3]

The blogger went on to argue that illegal immigrants to this country are not coming here because they embrace our ideals. They’re coming for money [4], which they then sent back to Mexico, and she made a pretty clear evidence-based case for that.

In a 2005 post, this same blogger attacked Democrat Howard Dean for using racist, anti-white rhetoric in his speech, quote, “tagging the other side (the Republicans) as the party of Whitey may sound like just a way to get these voters back, but it’s so misses the point.” [5] The blogger later scolded Howard Dean for insulting Christians and white Americans.

Who wrote all that? We could give you time to guess, but you’d never guess.

Believe it or not, it seems like the author of what I’ve just read was Joy Reid, the now totally dogmatic, race-baiting MSNBC weekend host. According to the Internet archive, Reid apparently posted those views on her now-defunct blog a decade ago.

She couldn’t do that now. MSNBC would fire her right away for the crime of independent thinking. We repeatedly contacted Joy Reid’s lawyer and MSNBC today for comment, and no one responded to us.

It’s possible Reid will claim those posts were written by a mysterious hacker. She’s claimed that before the last time she was caught with embarrassing blog posts. Maybe she’ll blame the entire thing on Vladimir Putin himself, or some nameless Macedonian agent.

Or maybe she’ll do the unexpected, and admit that there was a time, before the revolution currently in progress, when she was actually kind of smart and reasonable.

We await her explanation.

For those willing to endure the slow-loading Web Archive links in the transcript, the ironies found at Reid’s old blog never end.

That blog’s motto was “Think at your own risk.” Leftists who dare to disagree with any aspect of leftist dogma have learned a lot about those risks in recent years.

Additionally, Reid didn’t hesitate to link to and cite other blogs across the political spectrum. Evidence of this is seen in the following portion of her blogroll:


Yes, there really was a time when a plurality of liberals would listen to and consider alternative views, instead of engaging in the current routine, pervasive practice of intimidating and shouting them down.

As to the posts Carlson cited, here are additional quotes from each (typos and misspellings corrected):

- [1] — “At last, Jesse Jackson finds a mission that makes sense.”

- [2] — “the more I listen to pro-amnesty voices … the more I understand why Dobbs spends night after night toiling away on the ‘broken borders’ issue.”

- [3] — (on illegal-immigrant amnesty) “The point is illegality and U.S. sovereignty. Can’t we just leave it at that?”

- [4] — “There is a strong identification with ‘la raza’ among many Mexicans, and it isn’t about becoming more American.”

- [5] — “Interesting to note that some of what Mrs. Clinton has to say is every bit as incendiary as Howard Dean’s rhetoric, only Hillary can get away with it.” (because of the media!)

Previous mid-2000s blog posts by Reid quoted by others during the past six months have exposed “homophobic slurs” and her “mocking (of) gays, same-sex marriage, (and) transgenderism.” As Carlson noted, Reid, implausibly and without genuine support, claimed that those blog posts from over a decade ago were mysteriously and retroactively hacked. The most recent blast from her past shows her promoting a 9/11 truther movie and indicating that she was sympathetic with its unhinged claims.

As to Carlson getting his desired “explanation,” good luck with that. He should expect a stonewall on any response from Reid or MSNBC, which has been silent for a month about her “hacked” claim. If form predictably holds, the rest of the establishment press, which monitors every word uttered by anyone who is visible on the center-right for any hint of possible offense, won’t bother her, MSNBC, or any leftist politicians who agree with her current knee-jerk leftist stances.


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