June 29, 2018

CNN’s Acosta Repeatedly Shouts Question at Trump Tax Reform Event

With so many possible selections, it’s hard to come up with a worst-of list to rank the most pathetic attempts by CNN’s Jim Acosta to pose as an oh-so-tough reporter. His Friday stunt, though, was in the upper echelon for its laughable false bravado.

At President Donald Trump’s event celebrating six months since the Republican Congress’s passage of corporate and individual tax cuts in late December, Acosta thought it was appropriate (h/t Twitchy) to shout out a question about the President’s treatment of the press — and to shout it out again, and again:


JIM ACOSTA (cups hands around mouth, as audience is clapping): Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir?

(man turns around and gives Acosta the finger-over-mouth “shush” gesture)

Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?

(same man turns around and repeats “shush” gesture)

Mr. President, will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?

Acosta took special umbrage to the man in the video who silently suggested that shouting out questions the CNN reporter knew the President wouldn’t answer wasn’t a polite thing to do in the circumstances, and vented in a tweet:


Acosta’s tough-guy schtick is well past what should have been its expiration date.

Acosta’s tweet, as seen above, responded to another reporter’s observation that journalists’ rude shout-out tactic, like so many other actions in which press members have engaged during the Trump era, had a boomerang effect.

Evergreen reminders:

  • In 2012, when then-Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro shouted out a question at Barack Obama which was actually related to the then-President’s presentation on immigration matters, the rest of the press proceeded to treat Munro as a “heckler” and a pariah.
  • Some reporters who shout at Republican presidents or interrupt ceremonial events to ask nagging questions have been treated as royalty, e.g., Sam Donaldson during the Reagan era. That is certainly not how most Americans saw Donaldson’s actions when they took place.
  • The press’s habit of shouting out questions at Reagan, even at times when his helicopter was making so much noise that he couldn’t possibly hear them (and they could barely hear themselves), became problematic enough that the Associated Press’s Christopher Connell felt he had to publish a story defending the indefensible practice. Someone he quoted gave an equally indefensible go-to excuse: “All the regular channels of access to the president have been cut off.” Boo-hoo.

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AP Describes Authoritarian Court-Upheld California Gun Law As ‘Unusual’ and ‘Rare’

California’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that the state’s legislature can pass a law knowing full well that compliance is impossible. The law in question, as described in the Associated Press’s coverage, requires “new models of semi-automatic handguns to stamp identifying information on bullet casings when shots are fired.” The underlying law defines any such weapon without this technology as an “unsafe handgun.” The AP’s Sudhin Thanawala described the law as “unusual.” The wire service’s headline called it “rare.”


Is California’s Economy Hitting the Brakes?

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Using the total payroll employment as an indicator, the answer, based on the past four months, is “probably”:


Rounding everything to the nearest 1,000, the state has only added 38,000 jobs in the past four months (44,000 in the private sector, not shown).

Average job additions in California from January through May during the previous seven years were 138,000.

If California had added the same number of jobs during the past four months as it averaged in the previous seven years, the nation’s payroll employment would have increased by 961,000 instead of 861,000. That’s a not-inconsequential 12 percent difference.

Yeah, it’s only four months, but we haven’t seen the full impact of the state’s move to a $15-per-hour minimum wage yet.

It would seem that the best one can hope for is that the state won’t move from very small gains to flatness or job losses — and California is big enough to hold back other nationwide economic stats from what they could be without the state’s hyper-intervention in its economy.

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (062918)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Doctors Said Rick Santorum’s Daughter Bella Would Die After Birth. She Just Turned 10

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From Washington, via Life News:

JUN 19 2018, 5:26PM

On May 13, Bella Santorum did what doctors didn’t think possible: She turned 10 years old.

The daughter of former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, Bella has Trisomy 18, or Edwards syndrome, and doctors thought she would die at birth. But year after year, the little girl has continued to defy doctors’ predictions.

Her mother, Karen Santorum, said Bella’s 10th birthday was extra special because it occurred on Mother’s Day.

“Happy 10th Birthday Bella!” she wrote in a birthday message to her daughter. “You are an extremely joyful and exceptional little girl and we are so proud of you! Ten years have gone by since your birth. Ten years more than the skeptical and scientific said you would live. 87,648 hours of life, unexplained and miraculous. 3,652 days of letting all the world know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made!”

Santorum said Bella has been a perfect example of how faith, hope and love can conquer the worst of predictions. She said her daughter is a happy child who loves to giggle and smile.

“You are living proof that when we ‘just give the kid a chance’ he/she may defy the odds and surprise everyone,” her mother wrote. “Thank you precious teacher of our souls for being a constant joy and light in our lives.”

Although Bella frequently was hospitalized during the first year of her life, her family has been able to provide most of her care at home. Her mother thanked her caregivers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for keeping Bella strong. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

After Annapolis Massacre, Reuters Editor Tweets: ‘Blood Is on Your Hands, Mr. President’

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Thursday afternoon, in a tweet which has since been deleted, Thomson Reuters Global Editor for Breakingviews editor Rob Cox sent out a tweet which directly blamed President Donald Trump for the mass shooting which occurred at the Capital Gazette newspaper’s newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland. It read, in part: “Blood is on your hands, Mr. President.” In a Thursday evening release about Cox’s tweet, Reuters Editor-in-chief Steve Adler stated that “We do not condone his behavior and will take appropriate action.”