July 10, 2018

AP’s Graphic Feature: How Stormy Daniels’ DC Strip Club Appearance ‘Bookends Trump’s Court Reveal’

Tuesday morning, the Associated Press, which somehow still considers itself a serious news organization, made a deliberate choice to include stripper and adult film participant Stormy Daniels in its “Top News.” Why? Because, according to the current headline of an article containing content on the edge of not being safe for work, her DC “strip club act” Monday night “bookends Trump’s court reveal.”

Here is the AP’s “Top News” item on Daniels as it appeared at roughly 9 a.m. Eastern Time:


Here’s the story’s tease seen at another site:


A visit to MuckRack.com, which tracks individual reporters’ output, indicates that the original headline at AP reporter Laurie Kellman’s story was “Wet hot Washington: Stormy Daniels strips near White House”:


One might think that Kellman drew the short straw and got stuck with covering Daniels’ appearance. Instead, she appeared to relish the assignment. While her output didn’t approach the 41 minutes and 1,500 words of coverage CNN gave Daniels back in March, she did her level best with her nearly 700-word allowance.

Kellman’s story at least acknowledged that Daniels’ act may be wearing thin:


After the amateurish double entendre seen in her introduction, Kellman moved on to graphically describe Daniels’ “performance”:


It’s astonishing how far the Associated Press, the once-respected (though for years not deservedly so), self-described “Essential Global News Network,” has fallen.

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