July 10, 2018

More on the Free Press Action Fund And Its New Jersey State-Funded ‘Consortium

I addressed its successful effort in squeezing $5 million to fund “local journalism” out of the State of New Jersey on Friday (NewsBusters cross-post).

Deborah Bell at American Spectator has much more, and it’s as bad and even worse than we already knew:

Journalism by Government in New Jersey

Thanks to George Soros, picking up where net neutrality left off.

The newspaper industry is dying, but the state of New Jersey thinks it may have found the solution: government funding of newspapers.

Just months after the most leftwing governor in the state’s history, Philip Murphy, assumed office, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill to fund a consortium that would dole out millions of dollars of taxpayer money in grants to new journalistic enterprises.

… it’s a start, a foot in the door for the creation of state-funded media. New Jersey — which has the highest tax burden in the country and is second only to Illinois in the number of residents fleeing it for greener and less expensive pastures — now has the dubious distinction of being the first state in the country to use taxpayer money to fund journalism sites.

… The group’s name notwithstanding, there isn’t much free about the Free Press. Through its lobbying for government intrusion into the Internet, it has absorbed millions of dollars from leftwing donor groups, most notably George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The composition of the 13-member board of directors doesn’t provide much reassurance on spending or impartiality thanks to its largely partisan and self-interested makeup.

Four members will be appointed by state bodies controlled by Democrats. An earlier version of the bill allowed the opposition party to appoint at least one member to the board, but that provision was removed from the bill before the final vote. Each of the educational institutes of the consortium will appoint one member, and the remaining four members will be approved by the other nine. The entire board will appoint an executive director and staff. As the majority of public universities in the state skew left, there’s little doubt what the priorities of the board of directors will be.

Free Press executives have said that the bill was designed as a non-profit so they could “raise funds,” a task they’re particularly good at. One of the founders of Free Press is Robert McChesney, a professor of communications at the University of Illinois. He is also a student of the history of American journalism, as seen through a Marxist lens.

McChesney makes no secret that his goal is the overthrow of capitalism and the installation of leftist governance, and his dream was to be fulfilled by government control of the Internet and a takedown of media owned by corporate concerns.

That final excerpted paragraph shows that the “net neutrality” movement was a smokescreen.


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