July 11, 2018

Lefties Attack WashPost For Publishing Friend’s Op-Ed Praising ‘Coach K’ Kavanaugh

According to a May 2016 Business Insider story on changes at the Washington Post after the paper’s 2013 acquisition by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, DC’s gatekeeping newspaper publishes “1,200 articles a day.” Fever-swamp media elitists like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Think Progress’s Ian Millhiser, and others apparently believe that responsible journalism should dictate that none of those 1,200 daily items should ever contain positive opinions of the left’s latest targets. Thus, they are beside themselves that the Post published a 410-word op-ed by Julie O’Brien, a friend of Bret Kavanaugh, whom President Donald Trump nominated for the Supreme Court on Monday.

Millhiser actually wants people at the Post to apologize for running O’Brien’s equivalent of a long letter to the editor (h/t Twitchy):


MSNBC’s Hayes was only a bit more restrained Tuesday evening: “I legit can’t believe this got published.”

O’Brien’s op-end, the object of the pair’s unhinged pair’s outrage, avoids any discussion of Kavanaugh’s legal career or judicial outlook. Rather, it’s a testimonial to Trump’s court nominee as an excellent father, friend, mentor, and role model who as a grade school girls’ team basketball coach is nicknamed “Coach K”:


O’Brien also tells a story which should tug at the heart of anyone with even a shred of humanity:


As usual, there’s a double standard at work with the leftists’ critiques. Hayes himself posted this puffy, personal tweet about Obama court nominee Elena Kagan in 2010:


What Hayes and Millhiser really oppose is anything and everything which reveals that their ideological opponents are genuine human beings making genuine contributions to a more positive world. That seriously disrupts the intended operation of their Saul Alinsky playbook, particularly Rule 12 from Rules for Radicals:


In their world, nothing short of 24-7 demonization of the opposition will do — no exceptions allowed.

That’s what’s really behind leftist media elitists’ sense of betrayal and outrage at the Post.

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