July 14, 2018

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (071418)

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  1. I gained an interesting insight this week talking to a liberal co-worker. He was trying to convince me of my “white” privilege in growing up. What he revealed was very interesting in that the “culture” of his upbringing was one of thought poverty. A total lack of vision and encouragement to be something other than those immediately around him in the community he grew up. He frequently made claims that being white gave me advantages over being poor and black. I confounded him by telling him you mean you couldn’t crack a book and read? Read about other possibilities that those around aren’t? Ever read Treasure Island? You mean the child of a share cropper has zero time to read during the winter when there is no harvest or working the land?

    He repeatedly made my point which I pointed out to him that poverty is a culture, a way of thought. Every example of zero opportunity he gave, I pointed out that with a free public education and a library reading about other people and experiences exposes everyone to the possibility of being something other than the rut of poverty.

    I realized afterward, that the whole argument of “white” privilege is actually an excuse for “Black cultural failure”. All cultures are not equal, therefore some are by result a defeat for those who enmesh themselves in it. In short, what liberals want for Blacks is NOT to assimilate American Culture and it’s ethics. What’s really going on here is liberal blacks and by extension liberal whites are trying to cover up the failure of liberal inspired black culture by the use of envy and insisting whites gained their wealth and prosperity by taking it from others or denying to others.

    Liberalism is failure, and that Blacks allowed themselves as a group to embrace liberal Democratic leadership were lead into failure by liberal elites. The election of Trump and resultant historic lows in black and hispanic unemployment proves liberal leadership is a total failure.

    The next time someone tries to guilt trip you by “their lack of privilege, ask them then how was it that George Washington Carver got an education to improve agriculture? How about Booker T Washington? Were they an exception among Blacks or was his drive to be something better that gave him his privilege? These two lived in the late 1800s where discrimination was protected by law, so what’s your excuse? Abraham Lincoln was self taught. It’s not your race that makes you something, it’s your drive. No hand out will ever give you the determination to be something other than the downward pull of mediocrity.

    American exceptionalism is based upon people taking their fate in their own hands, being survivors not victims who refuse to take responsibility for the outcome. Our ancestors took the risk to come here, they voted with their feet. What do liberals encourage their constituencies to do? Complain that the government or others don’t do anything for them. They encourage dependence. They trap people in ghettos. Liberals hate it when people vote with their feet. The culture of poverty is the refusal to be and do something different.

    Comment by dscott — July 14, 2018 @ 11:54 am

  2. SNAP #s have been updated to include April:


    A drop of approx. 300,000 adults from March to April. Teasing the #s, another 180,000 children just got out of poverty.

    Who gives a crap about poor people? Trump does…the results speak for themselves. MSM mum on less people on government assistance.

    Since Trump took office in January 2017: 3,093,873 adults and children got their opportunity back. Breakdown: 1,366,601 adults got jobs and 1,727,272 children have a future other than government dependence and hopelessness.

    Comment by dscott — July 14, 2018 @ 12:50 pm

  3. Immigrant parents less likely to read to their children: study


    …”I think there’s enough research that reading to children early on prepares them better for school,” senior author Dr. Fernando Mendoza told Reuters Health. “Early reading enlarges vocabulary and becomes a tool for many other kinds of learning later on in school.”

    Mendoza worked on the study at the Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California…

    …As a whole, 67 percent of kids shared books with their parents on a daily basis, and another 22 percent did so almost daily, according to the surveys. Seven percent of kids shared books with parents one or two days per week, and the remaining four percent never shared books, the researchers reported in Pediatrics.

    Parents with low education levels or a low household income were less likely to book share with their kids. But even when those factors were taken into account, immigrant parents were less likely to share books than native-born parents…

    Bolds mine. Poverty breeds poverty when a parent does not see the value in creating an environment for their kids to thrive.

    If you remember, there was at one point a grossly ignorant liberal response that white parents should read LESS to their kids to “level the field” for minorities.

    A new study gives parents another reason to read to their kids

    September 22, 2015 · 8:15 AM EDT
    Writer Adam Wernick


    “The guiding question for this work was, ‘What might the text of the books be providing that everyday speech is not for these children,’” Montag says.

    So she and her colleagues compared transcriptions of everyday conversations between parents and children to the text from a hundred children’s picture books, compiled largely from the reading lists of teachers and librarians, Amazon best sellers and circulation statistics from the local public library.

    “When we compared our text of transcribed books to an equally sized amount of speech-to-kids, we found about 70 percent more unique words in the books than in the speech,” Montag says.

    What’s Holding Black Kids Back?


    But these explanations shy away from the one reason that renders others moot: poor parents raise their kids differently, because they see being parents differently. They are not simply middle-class parents manqué; they have their own culture of child rearing, and—not to mince words—that culture is a recipe for more poverty. Without addressing that fact head-on, not much will ever change.

    Social scientists have long been aware of an immense gap in the way poor parents and middle-class parents, whatever their color, treat their children, including during the earliest years of life. On the most obvious level, middle-class
    parents read more to their kids, and they use a larger vocabulary, than poor parents do. They have more books and educational materials in the house; according to Inequality at the Starting Gate, the average white child entering kindergarten in 1998 had 93 books, while the average black child had fewer than half that number.
    All of that seems like what you would expect given that the poor have less money and lower levels of education.

    Bolds mine

    As the article eludes to, Bill Cosby criticized Blacks for their poor parenting. He was promptly silenced and discredited by liberals for his thought crime. Irregardless of Cosby’s personal faults/misconduct his point was still valid but as we can see liberals created the distraction to change the subject. Liberal leadership is a failure, it always has been a failure and always will be a failure. Their failures always falls hardest on the poor…but, but, but we meant to do good! I am sickened by how many times they tell me their (self righteous) intent. It’s results that count, grandstanding and shallow virtue signaling are a cover up for failure.

    Comment by dscott — July 18, 2018 @ 10:27 am

  4. This has been a chronic issue for impoverished families for a long, long time. In the case of already-here citizen poor, it seems to be a side-effect of the welfare state. In the case of illegal immigrants, it’s because those who are coming here illegally are disproportionately very poor and are disproportionately literacy-challenged even in their native language.

    Comment by Tom — July 18, 2018 @ 10:35 am

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