July 17, 2018

Andrew McCarthy: ‘Mueller’s Politicized Indictment of Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers’

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Andrew McCarthy at National Review takes down the latest Mueller indictments (bolds are mine, italics are his):

Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was never something that the Justice Department was unable to investigate in the normal course. In fact, for months, the Trump Justice Department was investigating it in the normal course, just as the Obama Justice Department had done. Then, President Trump fired FBI director James Comey. It was this event that prompted Rosenstein to appoint Mueller. We got a special counsel not because of Russia’s espionage or any evidence indicating actual Trump-campaign complicity in it; we got a special counsel because Rosenstein was deeply involved in Comey’s ouster and wanted to fend off Democratic attacks on him over it.

The only point of the new indictment is to justify Rosenstein’s decision and Mueller’s existence. Proponents of the unnecessary special counsel want to say, “See, we really needed this investigation.” But that can be said with a straight face only if the goalposts are moved.

To be clear, we did need an FBI counterintelligence investigation of Russia’s espionage operation against the 2016 election, and we already had a quite aggressive one before Mueller came on the scene. But we would have needed a special-counsel investigation only if there had been a concrete factual basis to believe the Trump campaign conspired in Russia’s espionage operation against the 2016 election.

There never was.


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  1. The House Intelligence committee came to the same conclusion earlier this year. The details were heavily redacted by … the intelligence community ! I guess they wanted to present the details first, or this would have really looked unnecessary.

    Comment by Jim — July 17, 2018 @ 3:32 pm

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