July 24, 2018

Positivity: Prosecutor dismisses attempted murder charges in downtown Cedar Rapids shooting

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From Cedar Rapids, Iowa (HT Bearing Arms):

Wed., July 18, 2018

A Cedar Rapids man who sought immunity under Iowa’s stand-your-ground law after authorities say he shot and wounded another man won’t go to trial — not thanks to the controversial law, but because the Linn County Attorney’s Office asked the court Wednesday to dismiss the charges.

“After a thorough review of the evidence, especially the video, I believe Michael Hodges Jr. was justified in drawing his weapon and shooting,” said Assistant County Attorney Monica Slaughter, who took over the case this week.

Surveillance video from downtown cameras, which captured the January shooting outside a bar, shows the other man — Zevon Johnson of Urbandale — was the “primary aggressor,” she found. Hodges drew his gun, which he had a permit to carry, in response, she concluded.

The finding contradicts a criminal complaint, another county prosecutor’s arguments in an earlier hearing and a few statements from 6th Judicial District Chief Judge Patrick Grady, who had denied Hodges’ immunity.

Both Hodges, 23, and Johnson, 21, each were charged initially with attempted murder and other counts. Each said he fired in self-defense and asserted immunity under the 2017 law.

The criminal complaint states each man drew a handgun simultaneously on the other Jan. 28 outside Pub 217, 217 Third St. NE. Johnson fired without hitting Hodges. But Hodges hit Johnson in the chest.

Johnson decided earlier this month to take a plea deal and gave up his request for immunity. He made a written guilty plea of carrying weapons, an aggravated misdemeanor. He admitted to carrying a firearm that day within the city limits without a permit. He faces a $625 fine and up to two years in jail. …

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