July 25, 2018

Blumer’s Bandwidth Burn (072518)

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Econoclasm Tidbits

New Home Sales were weak in June, falling to the lowest seasonally adjusted annualized level in eight months. Additionally, May was revised down to 666,000 from 689,000.

On Tuesday, the real estate industry’s Existing Home Sales report showed a slight seasonally adjusted decline of 0.6 percent. More troubling is the fact that June came in 2.2 percent below June 2017.

This may be as good as it will get in the housing market as long as new homebuyers are saddled with student-loan and other debt.

Media Bias and Ignorance Brief

Imagine that“ABC, NBC Skip CBS Scoop that Toronto Attacker Visited ISIS Websites, Lived in Middle East.” ISIS has claimed credit for the attack, and a second person has died.

Fact-Check Folly

This one, carried at CBS News but which is Associated Press content, is beyond parody (HT Twitchy): “AP fact-checkers declare the Steele dossier was not a Clinton campaign document.”

It’s a well-established fact that the Clinton campaign paid for the work. Good grief. The excuses AP makes for its lying aren’t worth dignifying with a mention.

Speech Suppression Watch

Confirmed: “Twitter Censors Pro-Trump Accounts: Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, TGP’s Jim Hoft, Jack Posobiec … But #NeverTrump Accounts Not Blocked”



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