July 25, 2018

Never Fails … No Mention of ‘Socialism’ in Coverage of Venezuela’s Predicted 1,000,000 Percent Inflation

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Along with the understatment of the year:

Life’s a struggle as Venezuela inflation heads for one million per cent

Y’know, “Life’s a Struggle” when you’re falling behind on a couple of bills, or your car just broke down and needs an expensive repair, or your child is acting up at school and you have to beg your boss to let you leave early to go there, etc.

It’s way more than “a struggle” when you have no idea from day to day where your family’s next meal will come from, because you can’t afford to buy anything, even if it’s available; when your country’s primary industry is shrinking to production levels last seen in the 1940s (if not much earlier); when you hope to God you or your kids don’t get sick, because if that happens, there’s no medicine to be had; when at least a million of those who can leave, likely consisting of many of the nation’s best and brightest, have left the country.

This isn’t “a struggle.”

It’s an unspeakable SOCIALIST catastrophe.


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