August 25, 2018

Links to ‘Profiles in Cowardice’ (The Truth About Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick)

This post to is part of an annual BizzyBlog “Ted Kennedy remembrance” tradition.


According to Hollywood Reporter (HT NewsBusters), there’s a script in Hollywood for a proposed movie called Chappaquiddick. (UPDATE: The movie Chappaquiddick appeared in April 2018, and has been praised as historically accurate, with predictable, fawning exceptions.)

Chappaquiddick_Kennedy_Car_25The director’s objective is to have viewers “see what [Senator Ted Kennedy] had to go through” during those fateful days in July 1969.

Any other person in America would have been charged with manslaughter. Ted Kennedy got away with manslaughter in 1969. To see his behavior portrayed sympathetically and turned into a movie which will then threaten to become the definitive historical record should be too much for any sane person to handle.

Accordingly, I have uploaded the text files from “A Profile in Cowardice” I retrieved many years ago (Warning: Readers will have to click the links from here or edit the URLs themselves to get to them, i.e., internal links at the web pages don’t work) —

(Note: The Epilog promised that a chapter on the inquest was to come, but I don’t believe it ever did.)

Sadly, the links don’t include the original graphics and maps, but readers shouldn’t need them to understand the horrible things Ted Kennedy and those who protected him said and did for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving his political career, for which he and they escaped any meaningful accountability — at least in this life.

I also intend to continue to include links to “A Profile in Cowardice” in future annual August 25 Ted Kennedy remembrances.


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