September 4, 2018

Positivity: Nebraska man meets hero who saved his life following heart attack at Lambert Airport

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From St. Louis:

Sep 2, 2018, Updated Sep 3

A Nebraska manreunited with a Southwest Airline employee who saved his life at a local airport Monday.

Hank Vaughn, 61, was traveling for work when he had a layover at Lambert Airport in St. Louis.

Christopher Bartels was in Terminal 2 Monday morning when Vaughn’s heart suddenly stopped. Bartels immediately performed CPR on Vaughn, saving the older man’s life and leading him to a full recovery.

“I was very blessed that he was there,” Vaughn said.

Doctors later treated Vaughn at Depaul Hospital by surgically implanting a defibrillator in him. They said he would have died or had serious neurological complications if he didn’t have CPR performed immediately after suffering cardiac arrest.

On Sunday, Bartels told Vaughn about the CPR he performed on him. Vaughn has no memory of the health scare, so this is their first time truly meeting each other.

“I went over and you were all blue and I checked your pulse and I just remembered thinking ‘Alright, this is happening, I got to do this’,” Bartels said to Vaughn.

Bartels was a complete stranger to Vaughn but now the pair has a tight bond. Their connection was instant. …

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