September 9, 2018

Envirozealots Should be ‘Forest’ to Admit This

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According to the results of a study in Nature magazine (“Global land change from 1982 to 2016″; HT Powerline):

contrary to the prevailing view that forest area has declined globally—tree cover has increased by 2.24 million km2 (+7.1% relative to the 1982 level).

Do the math:

  • 2.24 million km2 is 865,000 square miles (conversion table here).
  • The earth’s land surface (including Antarctica) is about 57 million square miles.
  • Forest area has thus increased by about 1.5 percent.
  • The 865,000 square mile increase is greater than the combined Land Area (NOT Total Area) of Alaska and Texas.

Of course there are specific areas where deforestation is a current or potential problem, but the claim that net deforestation of the entire planet has been occurring over the long-term is clearly a myth.


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