October 10, 2018

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (101018)

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Positivity: Church in Colombia aids 5,000 Venezuelan emigrants a day

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From Cucuta, Colombia:

Oct 6, 2018 / 06:01 am

The Church in Colombia is assisting some 5,000 Venezuelan migrants a day, the president of the country’s bishops’ conference announced Tuesday.

Venezuela is suffering a years-long economic crisis which has caused 2.3 million people to emigrate since 2014.

“An average 5,000 people daily are being served with food and hydration, and in some cases with supplies of clothing, medicine, and personal hygiene items. The Church is doing this with the support of businesses and local, national, and international organizations,” Archbishop Oscar Urbina Ortega said Oct. 2.

Archbishop Urbina spoke during the 2018 Faith Cup in the course of a visit made by more than 600 priests participating in the soccer tournament to the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, an important border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela.

The priests also visited the Divine Providence Home, where meals are provided for Venezuelan migrants.

Archbishop Urbina reiterated that the Church in Colombia suffers “this time of so much pain” along with the migrants, and at the same time is “committed to providing them the aid that encourages them to carry on in the daily struggle to rebuild the social fabric of their country.”

He also recalled that the Colombian bishops’ conference has called for better aid and care from the international community regarding the migration problem.

“Given the exacerbation of the problem the Church will continue to raise its voice, making it known that much more is needed, much more aid and it is necessary to back away from saber rattling and armies marching along the border areas.” …

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