October 27, 2018

Under-reported Stories Catch-up (102718)

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Here’s today’s roundup of stories from earlier this month which haven’t gotten the attention they deserve, all of which should be considered relevant to voters’ decisions as to which candidates — and which party’s candidates — they should support at the polls during this election cycle:

Eleven days after this post is a good time for readers to ask themselves whether they’ve heard aboutany of these“Six Democratic Scandals the Networks Are Burying This Election Year.” I’ll bet most readers here haven’t — and it involves the entire esetablishment press, not just the major broadcast and cable networks:

  • Beto O’Rourke Lied About DUI Arrest
  • Senate Admonishes Robert Menendez for Accepting Gifts
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Husband Takes Advantage of Government Program for Poor to Make Millions
  • Former Staffer for Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Arrested for Doxxing Republicans
  • Democratic Governor Nominee Jared Polis Pushes Female Employee
  • Keith Ellison Accused of Domestic Violence (this one has gotten some coverage, but nowhere near what it has merited, given that Ellison is DNC deputy chair and, incredibly, wants to be Minnesota’s attorney general. Additionally, Minnesota’s Democratic Farm Labor Party (its version of Democrats) engaged in a whitewash “investigation” pretending tanglible evidence of Ellison’s abuse doesn’t exist. It does.

Here’s another scandal which broke just after the previous item was drafted: “Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp is in trouble. Like, big trouble … she identified women as sexual assault survivors without their permission” — in a campaign ad.”

In case anyone doubts that the transformation of the company whose motte used to be “Don’t Do Evil” is complete — “CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed months of rumors in a presentation hosted by Wired Magazine last night. Not only has Google worked on a new platform called “Dragonfly” to launch in China, they have perfected it for China’s censorship regime — which is tasked with stamping out dissent.”

The economy continues to perform very well“The monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS, released by the Labor Department on Tuesday showed job openings rose to 7.136 million. Economists had forecast 6.9 million. The prior month was revised up to 7.077 million, the first time this number has ever exceeded 7 million. Until April of 2017, there had never been more than 6 million job openings. There will probably never be a better time for people who have been on the sidelines for years to return to the workforce.

More good economic news“U.S. Wins Title of World’s Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade.” Gee, I wonder what caused this improvement?


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