November 5, 2018

Campaign of Wunderkind Aftab Pureval Caught Planting a Spy in Steve Chabot’s Campaign

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You can almost hear the Cincinnati Enquirer reporters involved sobbing uncontrollably in the background over this:

A resignation and two firings have cast a pall on the campaign of Democratic congressional candidate Aftab Pureval six days before the election.

His campaign manager Sarah Topy resigned late Tuesday night and two staffers were fired.

Now some see his challenge to Republican Congressman Steve Chabot, R-Westwood, in jeopardy.  That could affect everything from which party controls the U.S. House to who is elected Ohio governor.  (Boo-hoo. — Ed.)

Pureval wouldn’t say why the staffers departed other than “new information” came to light.

“Yesterday, I learned new information that led me to believe that members of my staff may not have lived up to that standard,” Pureval said in a statement. “We have dismissed those staff members. I do not want this issue to be a distraction in the final days, and therefore have accepted the resignation of my campaign manager.”

In an interview with The Enquirer, Pureval gave little additional information. He wouldn’t say what the new information was. He also wouldn’t reveal the identity of the two staffers.

The news broke of the staff shakeup on the eve of a hearing Thursday in front of the Ohio Elections Commission about whether Pureval improperly spent money from his local election campaign fund for his federal campaign. 

The campaign came under a bigger cloud of suspicion with allegations a worker on Pureval’scampaign posed as a Chabot campaign worker and infiltrated his campaign.

The guess here is that those fired knew about and perhaps even orchestrated the Chabot campaign infiltration. Perhaps Pureval himself also did, and forced the resignations to create plausible deniability.

Regardless, the bloom is off the rose for First District voters with open eyes. Chabot deserves re-election. Choosing Aftab Pureval to replace Chabot would be a horrible mistake.


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