November 5, 2018

Under-reported Stories Catch-up (110518) — Round 1

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I have a huge backlog of items to note only a short time to note them. So I’ve gone into double-time mode. Having done two catch-up posts Sunday, I’m woking on doing two on Monday and one early Tuesday morning.

These are stories from the past couple of weeks which haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. All of them should be considered relevant to voters’ decisions as to which candidates — and which party’s candidates — they should support at the polls during this election cycle:

This writer (HT Doug Ross) believes that the string of mail bombs targeting Democrats in late October “was a setup hatched by Democrats to shore up their flagging support as we head to the elections now less than two weeks away.” He makes a credible case. One clue is that “many bomb experts have concluded“ that the bombs “couldn’t detonate and perhaps were deliberately made that way.” Additionally, the perpetrator appears to have been a lifelong Democrat until 2016, and his ”social media posts … show a far left activist who over the past two years tried to reinvent himself as a hardcore Trump supporter.” More here.

Much of the Kavanaugh charade could have been and should have been shut down before it started: “NBC News Withheld Vital Information That Could Have Cleared Kavanaugh of Rape Allegations.”

Voters who need to see the potential long-term impact of leftist policies in their part of the U.S. only need to look at California, where Democrats have had control of most or all of the levers of power for two decades. The once-Golden State, despite all of its obvious advantages, “Ranks as Poorest State” in the Union, and “One of the Worst for Income Inequality.”

Concerning the Central American caravan: The Department of Homeland Security announced on October 23 that it “can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories.”

More evidence that the left wants to see the electoral process spin out of control: “An activist judge has issued an order barring new Hampshire from asking for proof of residency. … New Hampshire has very few voters and a long history of having busloads of people brought in from Massachusetts to vote.”

Good grief: “Democratic candidate for governor of South Carolina, James Smith … has allegedly misused his disabled-veteran status in order for his business to reap the rewards by clandestinely passing the work obtained by the veteran status to companies completely unaffiliated with veterans.” Supporting the allegation: Smith’s business “was denied eligibility to a Veterans Affairs (VA) program meant to help disabled veterans … after he did not cooperate with an inspection of his business.”

At Univision, “several Hispanic Americans were asked for their thoughts on the caravan. It didn’t go how Univision expected.”

Voter fraud news: “Illegal Alien Voted In Texas For More Than 20 Years” — even though he lived in California and Arizona during most of that time. On a larger scale, “A North Texas woman recently indicted as part of a ‘voter fraud ring’ paid the others involved in the scheme with funds provided by a Democratic Party leader, say court documents filed by the Office of Attorney General Ken Paxton this week.”

I’ll bet most readers didn’t hear or see much about this: “Man Who Taunted GOP Accused of Attempting to Buy Radioactive Material With Intent to Kill.”

Reality Check: “Despite (Media) Claims Of ‘Right-Winger,’ The (Pittsburgh) Synagogue Shooter Was Anti-Trump.”


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