November 5, 2018

Under-reported Stories Catch-up (110518) — Round 2

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I still have a huge backlog of items to note only a short time to note them. So I’ve gone into double-time mode. Having done two catch-up posts Sunday, this is my second for Monday. I also plan to post another early Tuesday morning.

These are stories from the past couple of weeks which haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. All of them should be considered relevant to voters’ decisions as to which candidates — and which party’s candidates — they should support at the polls during this election cycle:

The press has long hid the ugly truth about abortion industry behemoth Planned Parenthood. Here’s just one example which will more than likely never get establishment press coverage unless and until someone is convicted and jailed: “Planned Parenthood Lied to Congress, Doctored Aborted Baby Part Sales Records.”

Another dirty secret the press routinely conceals is how extensively illegal immigrants are involved in human trafficking. Here is one particularly awful example, appropriately subtitled “The Devil Lives in Him.”

Related, and to no one’s surprise except the hopelessly naive: Human trafficking is (or, maybe, was) taking place within the migrant caravan planning to cross into the U.S. from Mexico: “Seven Kids Rescued from Human Smugglers in Caravan.”

This was The DC Swamp on steroids during the Obama adminsitration: “State Department provided ‘clearly false’ statements to derail requests for (Hillary) Clinton docs, ‘shocked’ federal judge says.” When we will learn that there is no limit to the hard-left’s willingness to lie to defend their own?

Not that there should be any doubt, but it needs reinforcement: “The American left now increasingly sees any level of border enforcement as beyond the pale.”

Hope Kurt Schlichter is right, as he often is: “Democrats Blaming Normal Americans for Nuts Will Blow Up In Their Faces at the Ballot Box.”

The latest government report on personal income and outlays through September reveals that real, after-inflation income increased by 1.0 percent during the past five months, and real consumption expenditures increased by 1.6 percent. Though it would be nice if those figures were flipped, those are solid performances which, if sustained (and flipped), will result in impressive financial gains the average person will notice.

How Seattle’s minimum wage law is really working out: “The bottom line is that hours were cut, new people were not hired, experienced workers got all the benefit, but to make the weekly wage they had been making, the experienced workers had to find a second job.”

Climate alarmists hardest hit: “U.S. Leads in Greenhouse Gas Reductions,” while most of the nations in the rest of the world are increasing theirs.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, unleashed and unhinged, “Blames (the Pittsburgh) Synagogue Shooting on Fox News Coverage of Caravan.” Good heavens, the only reason to watch CNN any more is to get a good belly laugh.


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