November 6, 2018

Under-reported Stories Catch-up (110618) — Round 2

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Moving into lightning-round mode.

Readers can supply others in the comments, which I’ll get to late this afternoon:

Georgia’s Democratic candidate for governorwould support a ban on the AR-15 (rifle) — but she changed the subject when asked whether she would also support confiscation of AR-15s already in circulation in her home state of Georgia.”

Finally, a roundup of the significant Democrats and liberals who have associated with and even praised anti-Semite and black racist Louis Farrakhan — who was recently seen in Iran shouting “Death to America!”

This is what happens when the people you thought were in your corner and would never leave no matter how much you abused them and took them for granted start to leave the plantation: “Al Sharpton Has Complete Meltdown After Seeing Black Crowd Full of MAGA Hats.”

Nothing to see here, just a “‘GOP’ Doll With Marsha Blackburn Sign Found Hanging From Tree in Tennessee.”

The five Gitmo prisoners released so that military deserter Bowe Bergdahl could be freed have ALL rejoined the Taliban.

In Illinois, Democrat Laura Underwood is running for Congress based on her experience as a nurse – except she has none.

In Texas, Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who is trying to defeat incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, “previously used his elected position to push through a real estate deal that would benefit his own family to the detriment of his constituency, despite running on a platform against special interest in politics, according to The New York Times.” That the Times ran the story at all appears to indicate that the Old Gray Lady has given up on the idea of an O’Rourke upset.

Soft bigotry of low expections: “(Indiana) Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly has an Indian American state director ‘BUT,’ the Senator says, ‘he does an amazing job.” Donnelly did it again with another staffter: “He followed that up by saying that even though his ‘director of all constituent services’ is African American, she too does a good job.”

If it’s Election Day, it must be time for armed New Black Panthers to reappear (this time in Georgia) — and for a press dominated by reporters favoring gun control to pretend they don’t exist.

In Michigan, it’s plausible that Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James could defeat incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. At least one member of the state’s press is not pleased at the prospect: “A local newspaper reporter in Michigan lamented the idea of Republican candidate John James winning his Senate race in a profanity-laden voicemail with James’ campaign.” She thought she had hung up her phone. Oops.


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