November 8, 2018

Police: Son saves woman from burglar, possible sexual assault

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From Robinson, Texas (HT The Blaze):

Oct 19, 2018

A Robinson man was arrested late Thursday night after he attempted to sexually assault a mother and kill her children, but was restrained by one of the children, according to Robinson Police Chief Phillip Prasifka.

John Wayne Morris, 37, was arrested after police were called to the 100 block of North McLendon Drive at about 11:30 p.m. A man allegedly entered a home unlawfully, Prasifka said, adding that police saw two teenage siblings outside who looked visibly upset.

The teens told police their 15-year-old brother was inside the home, holding a man who entered their mother’s room, Prasika said. Police learned the man, identified as Morris, entered the home through an unlocked door and jumped onto the woman.

“She said that Morris threatened her by telling her that he had someone watching her children and that they would kill them,” Prasifka said. “(The woman) stated that she was afraid to fight back because she was afraid that her children would be harmed.”

The woman’s 15-year-old son came into the room and pulled Morris off his mother. Prasifka said the 15-year-old restrained Morris while his siblings called police.

The woman said she was scared Morris was going to sexually assault her and harm her children, Prasifka said. Officer determined Morris had entered the house through the unlocked door and went into the woman’s bedroom. …

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