November 23, 2018

Positivity: Mother who was encouraged to abort her unborn baby because medics thought he had Downs Syndrome warns others to get a second opinion after he was born perfectly healthy

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From London, England (Headline is from the UK Daily Mail’s coverage):

NOV 16 2018, 11:13AM

The extent to which the medical community now pushes abortion for unborn babies with disabilities is alarming.

Jordan Squires, of Middlesborough, England, told the UK Daily Mail that she was infuriated when doctors pressured her to abort her unborn son because he might have Down syndrome.

Squires refused, and she is so glad that she did. Her son Jay, now a toddler, was born healthy.

The pressure to have an abortion began at Squires’ 12-week pregnancy scan. She said she realized something was wrong when the medical staff took her and her partner, Johnathan, into a room after the ultrasound.

“They told us that the baby was highly likely to have Downs Syndrome due to the large amount of fluid that was placed high on the back of his neck,” Squires said.

“Straight away I was told that they advised terminating the pregnancy without giving us any other options or support,” she continued. “We were so angry … There was no way I was going to do that, we had waited so long for this baby and we would love our child regardless of the disability.”

The couple refused an amniocentesis test, which would have given them a better idea if their son had Down syndrome, because it also would have put his life at greater risk, according to the report.

Squires continued with her pregnancy, thinking her son would be born with Down syndrome. But to her great surprise, Jay was born healthy, weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces, the report states. He now is a toddler.

Thinking about mothers in similar situations, Squires said she understands why some choose abortion: Medical professionals often encourage it.

“I was furious that they were encouraging people to do that and if it had been someone different then they could of been persuaded by the doctors, then they would have ended a healthy pregnancy,” she said.

The young mother urged other families to get a second opinion if they feel pressured to have an abortion. …

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