February 13, 2019

Wednesday (Moderated) Open Thread (021319)

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Positivity: Mom — Two kids who helped neighbor trapped under Jeep were outside for punishment

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This report from Tulsa, Oklahoma saves the punch line a later paragraph (in bold; HT Weasel Zippers, whose headline is the one used):

Thursday, February 7th 2019

Emma and Josh Kuehl were playing in their backyard when they heard their neighbor call out.

“We were playing a game, and we heard him yelling for help,” Josh said. “And we peeked over the fence, but we didn’t see him. And we both were very scared.”

On the other side of that fence, a man was trapped underneath a Jeep.

Being nine and seven-years-old, they did what you’d expect them to do, run inside and yell for Mom.

“Just having a typical Saturday morning, and they came running in, just screaming and yelling the neighbor broke his arm,” said Kristal Spitler, their mother.

When Kristal went next door, all she could see were the man’s legs.

He yelled to go and get the woman inside and call 911.

“She had never met me before,” Spitler said. “I had never met her, but we went outside, we tried to use a jack to get it off.”

Paramedics had to come and use jaws of life to get him out, before he was taken by helicopter to Oklahoma City.

Luckily, the family says he was able to come home from the hospital later that day.

“It was just a complete and total miracle,” Spitler said.

Kristal Spitler says the only reason the kids were outside in the first place was because they had their electronics taken away for the weekend. …

Go here for the rest of the story.