April 1, 2019

Positivity: “Unplanned” Movie Opens in 5th Place Despite R Rating and Media Blackout, Expands to More Theaters

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From Washington, via Life News:

APR 1, 2019, 9:17AM

Despite a media blackout, a ‘R’ rating designed to discourage viewers and little coverage outside conservative media circles, the new movie “Unplanned” opened in 5th place this past weekend and it will expand to even more theaters next weekend.

The film doubled its projection for expected box office earnings – bringing in $6.1 million in its opening weekend despite a projection of $2-3 million. That came despite the fact that Twitter has done its best to censor the movie’s account, suspending it on Saturday and resetting it on Sunday. And major television networks, including Lifetime, Hallmark Channel and HGTV all rejected commercials promoting the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fox News reportedly was the only major network to agree to run the ads.

The film took in an estimated $6,110,000 or a cumulative per-screen average of $5,770 on only 1,059 locations across the country.

The average would have put the movie in third place, according to Box Office Mojo.

Due to the storage showing, Pure Flix, the film’s distributor, told LifeNews yesterday it will add an additional 600 screens to those already showing the film. That makes it so 1,700 screens will show the “Unplanned” movie, which earned a rare A-plus rating from CinemaScore.

“We are thrilled, gratified and humbled. We are so pleased that the American people have responded with such an enormous outpouring of support at the box office,” Pure Flix told LifeNews.

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