April 15, 2019

Monday (Moderated) Open Thread (041519)

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9:30 a.m.: Noteworthy, especially on April 15 (original Yglesias tweet is here)—


In other words, “We told the Big Lie over and over again — and it worked. Nyah, nyah.”

The only thing Yglesias didn’t specifically admit, which Nathan Wurtzel accurately observed above, is that this twisted form of “success” would not have been achieved without the establishment press. The supposedly “objective” Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the cable news channels except Fox, and even most of the financial press either parroted the “progressive” lie to which Yglesias referred or misled their readers and viewers by falsely insisting that upper-income taxpayers would “benefit” the most from the tax cut legislation.

But that’s how Yglesias, as seen here, and so many other “progressives” – up to and including Harry Reid and Barack Obama – operate.

UPDATE: Even the New York Times now admits that the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase.”

That’s interesting, given that, when it was near passage, Times columnist and agenda-driven “economist” Paul Krugman called the 2017 legislation the “The Biggest Tax Scam in History.”

UPDATE 2: The “progressive” Big Lie” strategy goes back at least to FDR

A considerable degree of central planning in Washington is certainly what Franklin Roosevelt delivered, but it was not what he promised when he was first elected in 1932 (and certainly not during the 1932 campaign — Ed.).

Read the whole thing.


11:20 a.m.: Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently stated that the Council on American-Islamic Relations “was founded after 9/11 because they recognized some people did something.” Setting aside the offensiveness of the remark. The linked CBS news story at least noted that CAIR was founded in 1994.

CBS didn’t disclose the origins of CAIR’s creation. Powerline did, usefully reminding readers that CAIR was founded by the terrorist group Hamas as “A Muslim organization posing as a civil-rights activist while soft-pedaling its jihadist sympathies.” They calculated that they “might be able to snow the American political class, the courts, the media, and the academy … (and) make real inroads with the . . . progressives who dominated the Clinton administration.”

CAIR has had a web presence since late 1996.

Sadly, Hamas has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.


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