May 4, 2019

Saturday (Moderated) Open Thread (050419)

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Positivity: Hospital Will Not Euthanize Cancer Patent After Pro-Life Advocates Speak Out on Her Behalf

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From Minneapolis, Minnesota (via

MAY 2 2019, 9:35AM

A Minnesota hospital has agreed not to remove the oxygen from a 64-year-old cancer patient after she expressed a desire to live, her lawyers said this week.

Catie Cassidy, 64, is suffering from lung cancer at Fairview Hospital in Edina, Minnesota.

Alexandra Snyder, executive director Life Legal Defense Foundation, said Cassidy depends on an oxygen tube to breathe, and without it, she would suffocate to death.

Life Legal became involved earlier this week when its lawyers learned of the hospital’s plans to remove Cassidy’s oxygen against her will.

Late Wednesday, the legal group told LifeNews that the hospital now is fully cooperating and will not remove Cassidy’s oxygen tube.

“Life Legal is pleased that Catie will receive the care she needs and that her wish to fight for her life as long as she can will be honored,” Snyder said. “It is time for us to have a larger conversation about the inherent value of every human life and about our moral obligation to protect those who are most vulnerable.”

Snyder said the hospital’s initial plans to remove the oxygen were “nothing short of active euthanasia.”

Her lawyers said Cassidy is alert and communicative. In a video posted on YouTube, she insisted that she does not want the hospital to “pull the plug.” When asked if she wants her oxygen removed, Cassidy replies, “No! I want to live!” …

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