May 13, 2019

Positivity: Hundreds of Pro-Life People Rally to Condemn Democrat Brian Sims for Bullying Pro-Life Women

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From Philadelphia:

MAY 10 2019, 1:03PM

Hundreds of pro-life people gathered outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood abortion clinic today to rally in condemnation of Democrat state representative Brian Sims and his behavior. Sims videotaped himself twice in the last three weeks bullying pro-life women and teenagers.

Dozens of people at the “Pro-Life Rally Against Bullying” chanted “resign now”although a couple of Sims supporters appeared with signs supporting him.

Several leading pro-life advocates headlined the rally and called on Sims to apologize for his behavior and to resign his office as a state legislator. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion center director, along with pro-life advocates Lila Rose, Matt Walsh and others urged Sims to treat pro-life people with respect and dignity.

“We are sending a message to bullies like Brian Sims. That message is simple: we will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. Brian, maybe you understand now that if you try to shut us up, we will only get louder. If you try to shame us, we will only stand taller. If you try to scare us, we will only get bolder.` We know that our cause is just. We know that we are right. We know that what we have truth on our side. And we will wield that truth like a sword in defense of the unborn,” Walsh said.

The speakers also talked about the reprehensible actions taking place at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where his intimidation occurred. The Abortion Center kills more babies and abortions than any other Planned Parenthood in the state and it is also failed the majority of its State Health inspections, which have also indicated the Abortion Center has repeatedly covered up cases of statutory rape.

Walsh said the bigger message to send with today’s rally was not anything to do with Sims. He said it was about the babies who lose their lives in abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

“But the abuse that pro-lifers suffer is nothing compared to the suffering of children in the womb. And that’s the first and most important reason that we all are gathered here. We are here for the sake of the 60 million. Sixty million. Sixty million human children have been massacred in this country in the span of 45 years. That’s 1.3 million a year. An average of well over 3,000 a day. Sixy million. We ought to remember that number. It ought to be seared into our conscience. 60 million,” he said. …

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