May 14, 2019

Tuesday (Moderated) Open Thread (051419)

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Positivity: Thousands of Canadians Join Canada March for Life Protest to Legalized Abortions Up to Birth

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From Ottawa, Canada:

MAY 10 2019, 12:32PM

Canadian pro-life advocates rallied peacefully in the nation’s capital Thursday to mourn 50 years of legalized abortion on demand in their country.

The National March for Life drew thousands of people to Ottawa, calling for protections for unborn babies and their mothers, according to the Catholic News Agency. They also urged restored protections for the vulnerable people who are being targeted for euthanasia, which recently became legal throughout the country.

“The cold hand of euthanasia is upon our country as well,” Catholic Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto told the crowd.

Collins said Canada must begin to recognize again “the profound preciousness of the gift of life from the first moment of conception until natural death.”

Other speakers included American pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life after watching an unborn baby be aborted.

“It is cowardly to support death. It is courageous to support life,” Johnson told the crowd. “There is nothing polite about abortion!”

Thousands more pro-life advocates rallied in Toronto, Alberta, Saskatchewan and other communities.

Ottawa Matters reported seeing a large number of young people at the main march, many holding signs that read, “Love life, choose life” and “Remember the unborn.”

“We care because this is something that is corrupting politics,” 16-year-old Gabrielle Vandrgragt told the news outlet. “If we could restore the sanctity of life, I feel like we could fix a lot of problems in our society.” …

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