June 18, 2019

Tuesday (Moderated) Open Thread (061819)

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Positivity: ‘I will give you a hug’: Touching moment Arizona cop saves a suicidal man standing on top of a bridge by offering to embrace him

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From Chandler, Arizona (video at link; HT Weasel Zippers):

PUBLISHED: 09:50 EDT, 14 June 2019
UPDATED: 17:29 EDT, 14 June 2019

Sometimes, all it takes to save a life is a hug.

That is what an Arizona police officer learned when he encountered a suicidal man clinging to the railing of a pedestrian bridge in Chandler earlier this year.

On Wednesday (June 12), Chandler Police Department released body camera footage taken in March, which shows officer Aaron ‘Ron’ Little humbly performing an act of life-saving kindness.

According to a statement accompanying the video, which has since gone viral, racking up more than 28,000 views as of Friday, on the evening of March 28, a 26-year-old man climbed the protective railing of the bridge that spans the Price Freeway with the intent to jump to his death.

The recording begins with with Little radioing in that there is a man on the bridge and asking other cops not to come near so as not to ‘freak him out.’

He then begins talking to the man hanging off the railing, telling him: ‘Just come up here, buddy. I just…I’ll hold you, man. I don’t care.’

Little introduces himself as ‘Ron’ and repeatedly pleads with the man on the bridge to come up and ‘please don’t go any lower.’

‘Don’t you want that hug?’ the officer asks. ‘Then come up here; I will give you that hug, man.’

As the man hesitates, the officer redoubles his efforts to talk the man off the railing.

‘Please come up over that fence, please. This is it’s just me and you, man that’s it,’ Little says.

Eventually, the man heeds the officer’s pleas and scales the protective barrier to return to the span.

Once he is back on solid ground, officer Little goes to embrace him.

‘Come give me that hug,’ he tells the man, then adding in jest, ‘I’m not gonna do anything to you, just don’t grab my gun.’

The suicidal man comes into officer Little’s arms and lets out a sob. …

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