July 13, 2019

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Positivity: Woman Told ‘Heart-Shaped’ Womb Meant She Might Never Have Children Gives Birth to Triplets

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From Newport, Wales:

Published July 4, 2019 at 12:16 am

Staring at her six-month-old triplets, Jemma Sheppard still pinches herself from time to time, basking in the delightful reality that the babies are her own.

She gave birth to healthy triplets, daughters Elevyn and Areya, and son Rome in December 2018, after being told there was only a 15 percent chance that any of the babies would survive.

Sheppard, 33, and her husband, Anton, struggled to have a baby for years, and eventually turned to intrauterine insemination for help.

Sheppard learned that she had polycystic ovaries and was not ovulating properly. On top of that, her uterus was heart-shaped, increasing her risk for miscarriage and premature birth.

“While I could take drugs to help me ovulate, my uterus shape was very pronounced and there was no treatment. It felt [like] devastating news,” Sheppard told the Daily Mail.

After the IUI procedure, the couple soon learned they were expecting triplets.

“I could hardly believe it when the sonographer said there were two heads — and then Anton said that he could see three,” Sheppard recalled.

The couple proceeded with cautious optimism, knowing the odds of delivering even one healthy baby were not in their favor.

“We were told it would be quite likely one baby might not survive, and it is common for women with a heart shaped uterus to have a premature [birth], so Anton and I were prepared for the worst.”

Incredibly, Sheppard carried her babies safely until 35 weeks, when she delivered them by cesarean section.

“Anton and I would have been thrilled with just one baby — but to have such a beautiful family in one go is just amazing,” Sheppard said. …

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