July 20, 2019

Saturday (Moderated) Open Thread (072019)

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Positivity: President Trump’s Nominee for UN Ambassador, Andrew Bremberg, is Solidly Pro-Life

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From Washington, via Life News:

July 12 2019, 4:30 p.m.

President Donald Trump nominated another solidly pro-life leader this summer to be the United States ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva.

Andrew Bremberg currently serves as the chief of the White House Domestic Policy Council. In the past several years, he has been a key advocate for pro-life policies within the Trump administration.

The Guardian reports Bremberg encouraged Trump to expand the Mexico City policy, which prohibits foreign aid from funding groups that provide and promote abortions overseas. The policy defunded two major abortion chains of hundreds of millions of American tax dollars. The International Planned Parenthood Federation alone estimated a $100 million loss from its budget.

He also helped bring other pro-life leaders into the Trump administration as co-chair of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services transition team, according to the report.

And in June, he refused to back down on his defense of the unborn when a top Senate Democrat grilled him during a Foreign Relations Committee meeting. …

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