July 30, 2019

Positivity: Cops Crack 35-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Elderly Man with Help from Popular TV Show

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From Leon County, Texas:

Published July 12, 2019 at 11:46am

Since 1984, Norma Allbritton has managed to dodge accusations that she killed her husband, Johnnie Allbritton.

But on July 1, police arrested 84-year-old Allbritton for the murder of her husband, who was 64 years old on the day he was found dead in his Texas home, shot five times.

Allbritton was 49 years old at the time of the 1984 murder. Police considered her a suspect at the time, but she successfully evaded a polygraph test and subsequent questioning — getting away with alleged murder for the majority of her life.

According to a press release from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the cold case was reinvestigated by a team of local investigators joined by members from the popular reality crime television show, “Cold Justice.”

With the resources provided by “Cold Justice” leading to new evidence in the case, the LCSO was able to issue an arrest warrant for Allbritton for the murder of her husband.

The sheriff’s office has not been able to comment on precisely what new evidence led to solving the 35-year-old cold case, but the story is scheduled to air on “Cold Justice” early next year, according to WTTG.

“This truly was a team effort,” Sheriff Kevin Ellis told the Palestine Herald-Press. “Without ‘Cold Justice,’ I don’t think we could’ve progressed as we have — but they also couldn’t have done it without the LCSO staff.”

Judy Robinson, Johnnie Allbritton’s daughter and Norma Allbritton’s stepdaughter, is not the least bit surprised over the arrest.

“Well, we’ve always kind of thought that she was the main suspect, so that part wasn’t a shock,” Judy Robinson told KBTX.

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