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  1. Obama WANTS to drive over the cliff

    Here is why our leader has no desire to settle this affair before it gets put into effect.

    It will impose tax hikes on everyone who pays federal income taxes (not just the 2%)
    It will cut entitlements without his having to support the actions
    It will reduce defense spending without him ‘looking soft’ as Commander-in-Chief
    It will end the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ automatically
    It will probably slow economic growth (GDP)

    Why would our President want these things to take place?

    He would get the extra tax revenues to use without being blamed
    He could not be held accountable for breaking his ubiquitous pledge to never raise taxes on the bottom 98%
    He would not be the one cutting entitlements, it would be ‘out of his hands’
    He prefers to cut defense spending rather than social programs
    He can later ‘give back’ tax cuts to the Middle Class
    He can then call them the ‘Obama Tax Cuts’
    He can blame those damn ‘Obstructionist Republicans’ for the next recession

    Exactly and that’s why the GOP leadership is a bunch of dunces. The point of increasing deficit spending to $1 trillion a year was to make this deal of 1/2 defense cuts and 1/2 social spending cuts leaving Democrats with a gain on both of their agendas, reducing the military and increasing vote buying (social spending) in the end game. This is why the US gave up it’s role of world leadership and President Obama seems to lead from behind. The point of course is Obama wants the US to be like every other country in the world where it’s elites run their respective countries like piggy banks for themselves. You can’t do that effectively IF you are the leader as it invites too many nettlesome responsibilities distracting your self enrichment schemes from pillaging the country.

    Comment by dscott — November 10, 2012 @ 10:58 am

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