I’m running for Attorney General because Ohio is in crisis, and we need leadership in Columbus now more than ever.  Our economy is in shambles, there are streets where people are justifiably afraid to walk, and Ohio’s government continues to be plagued by scandal, corruption, and back-room deals.

As Attorney General, I will bring much needed leadership to our state capital.  I will fight to improve Ohio’s business climate, give local police and sheriffs all of the tools they need, and put an end to corruption at all levels of government.  

Very respectfully yours, 

Mike DeWine 


Protecting Jobs by Opposing Obama Health Care

I am going to fight for Ohio jobs by fighting against the Obama health care plan!
On my first day in office as Attorney General, I will join with the 20 state attorneys general that have filed a suit against Obama health care. I am committed to fighting for our rights and protecting every Ohioan.
Not only is the Obama health care plan an unconstitutional encroachment by the federal government, it is an Ohio jobs killer.  It hurts our economy at a time when we can least afford it.  It slashes Medicare benefits for seniors.  And it is going to cost Ohioans $1.45 billion in new Medicaid spending in just the five years between 2014 and 2019!   
I will not sit on the sidelines.  It is ridiculous to think that Ohio should just wait, while other states litigate.  There is simply too much at stake to just sit back and rely on others to act on our behalf.


Creating Jobs through a Business-friendly Environment 

As Attorney General, Mike DeWine will work with business to ensure that they know the law and that they comply with the law. Mike DeWine will focus his energies on helping business thrive and create jobs.

Having Mike DeWine in the Attorney General’s office is crucial to Ohio.  Why? Because jobs are the key to our state’s future.  We need an Attorney General who will bring jobs back to Ohio by creating a safe, corruption-free, business-friendly environment.  Jobs don’t come to states where there is high crime, government misconduct, and an eagerness to sue and regulate!


Preventing Crime

Top Priority

Your safety is Mike DeWine’s top priority.  As a former County Prosecutor, Mike DeWine understands the demands that are placed on local police, sheriffs, and prosecutors.  He’ll fight to make sure they have every tool and technology available to keep our communities safe. 

Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI)

There are currently delays of up to six months in the processing of DNA evidence at the state run crime lab, BCI.  Every day that goes by when evidence is not processed and analyzed, that is another day that criminals are on the streets.  Mike DeWine will work to bring good business practices to BCI to increase efficiency and hasten evidence-processing times.  This will give local law enforcement one more tool to fight crime. 


Fighting Corruption

Ohioans have been subjected to corruption and scandal at an unacceptable level over the past five years.  We must restore dignity and trust in our government and elected officials.

Regardless of politics

The Attorney General is rightly expected to follow both the letter and the spirit of the law.  Mike DeWine will hold corrupt officials responsible for their actions regardless of party affiliation.  He is running for Attorney General to serve all Ohioans and will fight to protect all Ohioans from fraud and abuse of power.

Quick action

The Cuyahoga County corruption scandal was widely reported in July of 2008, but the current Attorney General’s office did nothing for well over a year to stop it.  It won’t take Mike DeWine months to start an investigation when corruption occurs.  On day one, Mike DeWine will go after corrupt officials.